These twins brother were born in 1366 in Baliyan(Raghuvanshi) jat family of village:- Barwala in the family of Rao Rajbal Singh and mother Birmati. There Father Rao Rajbal Singh was a big jagirdar.

These two brothers had learned use of all the weapons and war practices very well.They made of Garhi in 18 bigha of land near there village for themselves. During the invasion of Temur Lang they were 32 year old. When Temur Lang had invaded Meerut Fort moving toward Muzaffarnagar after wining Meerut Fort then these two brothers with the sarv-khap army had attacked on Temur army very bravely and gave a tough battle and became martyred after protecting there area, after seeing the bravery of sarv-khap army Temur Lang changed his path from that area, uphill Haridwar he was given a tough battle by sarv-khap army and the army had protected there area by there bravery.

Samadhi(than) of these two brothers are still in the village Barwala who are worshiped by all the people on different festive occasions.

References :-

  • Local Folk
  • Sarvkhap records
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