Jassa Singh Ramgarhia having recovered bis lost territory had set up his head quarters at Batala, which he fortified by a brick wall ten metres high and seven metres broad. SardarJai Singh OfKanhiya was chafing under the loss of Batala. He won the support of Bhatti Jatchief and Ahluwalia Jat- Kalal ruler Sardar Mahan Singh Of Sukarchakia and Sardar Bhag Singh Ahluwalia Of Kapurthala. Assisted by these two chiefs as well as by the Rajas of Chamba and Nurpur, Jai Singh attacked Batala. Jassa Singh shut himself up in the city, and with the active co- operation of the inhabitants foiled the efforts of the besiegers, who after an engagement of twenty-one days raised the siege.

Man Chand, youngest brother of Raja Sansar Chand, at the head of a force came to help Jassa Singh Ramgarhia against Jai Singh Kanhiya. Bhag Singh Ahluwalia Of Kapurthala advanced to check him. In a battle Man Chand was defeated and he fled away.


  • History of the Sikhs Vol.5 by Hari Ram Gupta.

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