General Raja Sir Ranbir Singh Sahib Of Patiala KCSI was born in 1 January 1903 , at MotiBagh Palace, Patiala State, 1877 (Younger brother of H.H Maharaja Rajinder Singh Of Patiala),He was the son of H.H Maharaja Sir Mahendra Singh, Maharaja Of Patiala , he was done there education from MSC Patiala 1899-1901, Financial Minister 1899-1901, also member of Council of Regency 1901-1910, MLC Punjab 1904-1911, MLC Calcutta 1910-1916, Member of Patiala State Administrative Committee. President Central Victoria Memorial Committee . Granted the personal title of “Kanwar Bahadur” 1901, and promoted to “Raja” February 1915, he was received many medals like Delhi Durbar silver (1903 & 1911) and Coron (1911) , he was married at Patiala, 1889, the daughter of SekhonJatJagirdarSardarLahna Singh Sekhon, of Karamgarh, in Patiala State. He was at Kasauli, 18th January 1916.

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