Chattha – Is a Jat tribe apparently confined to Gujranwala, in which district they hold 81 villages. They claim to be descended from Chatta, a grandson of Prithi Rai, the Rajah of Dehli, and brother of the ancestor of the Chima. In the 10th generation from Chatta or, as other Avise stated, some 500 years ago, Dahru came from Sambhal in Moradabdd, where the bards of the Karnal Chauhan Jats still live, to the banks of the Chenab and married among the Jat tribes of Gujranwala. They were converted to Islam about 1600 AD. They rose to considerable political importance under the Sikhs; and the history of their leading family is told by Sir Lepel Griffin at pages 402 of his Punjab Chiefs.

Distribution in Punjab :-
Villages in Gurdaspur district
Chatha named village in Batalatahsil in Gurdaspur district in Punjab.

Villages in Sangrur district
ChathaSekhwan is village in Sangrur tahsil of Sangrur district in Punjab.
ChathaNakta, ChathaNanhera villages in Sunamtahsil of Sangrur district in Punjab.

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh :-
Villages in Hapur district
Ayadnagar, DhanaHapur, Babugarh, Garhmukteshwar, Meerpur Kalan, Muradpur , Nawada Kalan, Sadullapur Lodi, Yadnagar,

Villages in Meerut district

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district
Mirapur, Tikola


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