Raja Balram Singh (death: 29.11.1753) was a Tewatia Jat ruler of Ballabhgarh State. He was son of Raja Charan Singh Of Ballabgarh . He was brother in law of Maharaja Suraj Mal .In 1720 Jats of Northen Braj (Faridabad,Palawal) rose in revolt under the leadership of Raja Balram Singh (Also know as Raja Ballu Jat) when during the reign of Muhammad Shah (r. 1719-1748), Mughal officer of Faridabad Murtaza Khan started to impose heavy taxes while famine was raging. Murtaza Khan had in the past also imprisoned Balram’s father. Balram killed Murtaza Khan at Faridabad and shut the Mughal traffic on Delhi-Agra route. In 1739, Mughal king bestowed on him titles of “Rao” and “Naib Bakshi”. He built the Balramgarh fort and founded the city of Ballabhgarh is named after him.Jats along the Delhi-Agra route at that time were in revolt against the oppressive Mughal rule. Tewatias of this area had already established themselves as counter force in this area. Balram Singh held the surrounding country as a feudatory of Mahaja Suraj Mal of Bharatpur (r. 1755 – 1763). He was the brother-in-law of Maharaja Suraj Mal(Suraj Mal’s sister was Balram Singh’s wife). Balram Singh often called Ballu by the local people moved on a few Elephants, Horses and Camels loaded with Big drums (Nagaade) and Dhaunse (big band) followed by his local army. Went wherever Ballu with this band, it was assumed that area was no longer of Mughals and Ballu had won that. It was a kind of Aswamedh Yagna that he performed. Here from started a saying “Dheeng Dheeng Ballu ka Raj”. Immediately peace returned to those areas, which were won over by Ballu. On 11 January 1750, Jat sangh of Raja Balram Singh of Ballabhgarh, Maharaja Suraj Mal of Bharatpur and Maharaja Bhim Singh Rana of Gohad waged a battle against Mughal forces of Mir Salawat Khan during the reign of Mughal emperor Ahmad Shah Bahadur (r. 1748- 1754), which Jats won and mughals had to conceded a lot concessions.

On 30 June 1750, Safdar Jung, marched against Balram Singh  but Raja Balram Singh managed to evade him using stratagem with the help of Marathas.Mughal king Ahmad Shah Bahadur replaced Safdar Jung with Gaziuddin Khan (“Intizam-Ud-Daullahas” or “lmad-ul-Mulk”, the imperial Mir Bakhshi) as new wizir. Safdar Jung, supported by Raja Balram Singh and Maharaja Surajmal , revolted against the Mughal king.Balram Singh rose to high prominence when he plundered the emperor’s own Jagir ofSikandarbad. Murtija Khan’s son Aqaibet Mahmud Khan was the chief diwan of Gaziuddin Khan, he and Balram agreed to meet to negotiate the terms of truce. Balram Singh arrived with his son, diwan and 250 men, angry words flew, Balram Singh put his hand on his sword, Aquibat’s guard suddenly fell upon Balram and killed him, his son, diwan and 9 other escorts. Maharaja Suraj Mal retaliated by capturing Palwal from Mughals on 27 September 1754. He also caught the qazi there and slayed the qanungo Santokh Rai for scheming Balram’s murder. In November 1755, Jats under Maharaja Suraj Mal also recaptured Ballabgarh and Ghasira from Mughals.Maharaja Suraj Mal appointed sons of Balram, Bishan Singh as Nazim and Kishan Singh as kiledar, who stayed in these roles till 1774 under Suraj Mal.

From 1757 to 1760, Ahmad Shah Abdali waged war against Jats and Marathas. After the defeat of Maratha Empire in the Third Battle of Panipat on 12 June 1761, Maharaja Suraj Mal recaptured Ballabhgarh from Abdali’s forced in 1762 and reinstated Balram’s sons Kishan Singh and Bishan Singh in their roles under Bharatpur State.

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