Raja Puhap Singh Of Muran was son of Thakur Khushal Singh .He was born into a Thenua Jat Family. After Kushal Singh, his son Puhap Singh became the ruler.  Puhap Singh lost the battle with Bharatpur.  He had to leave Mursan and went to Sasni and captured it.  He built a strong fort here.  Sasni is known as the fort of Jat pride.  In 1761 he accepted the rule of Maharaja Jawahar Singh of Bharatpur and gave back Mursan in friendship.  Puhap Singh helped Jawahar Singh a lot in the Delhi war.  As a result this angered the rulers of Delhi.  The ruler of Delhi, Najib Khan sent his army to attack Mursan.  The Jats fought valiantly but Mursan had to leave.  Puhap Singh fought for 10 years to get back Mursaan.  He fought a fierce battle with the Mughal and the Raja of Mursan in 1785 and was defeated by the Mughal army, after which he was successful in getting back Mursan. He was an art lover.  He built many forts. Also He continued to expand until his death in 1798. After his death, Bhagwant Singh became the king of the princely state of Mursan.

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