He was a Baliyan (Raghuvanshi) Jat of pargana Shoron, he had captured a wide area and 3 parganas in doab.

He called a Sabha of the sarv-khap in 1354 samvat (A.D. 1297) in the pargana of Shikarpur khap Baliyan), during the reign of Alla-ud-din Khilji. It was attended by 300 representatives of various khaps from Delhi to Hardwar.

The sabha was assembled to discuss the tyrannical rule of the Khilji rulers, like banning the accumulation of wealth, the carrying of arms and maintaining armed escorts for marriage parties, and the maintenance of an army. They had also raised the land revenue from one-sixth to half of the total agricultural produce. The panchayat passed the following resolutions:

No one should pay the higher revenue.
The restriction on marriage parties should not be obeyed:
The jazia should not be paid.
The panchayat should maintain its full freedom.

If these demands were not accepted. by the Delhi king the panchayat would not hesitate to declare war to defend its cause.

An army of 24,000 soldiers should be raised.

Malik Kafur, the prime minister of Alla-ud-din Khilji, accepted some of the terms and promised to consider others.

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