He was a Rana Jat Chieftain of village Tikri in chaugama.

He called a Sabha of the sarv-khap on the 10th day of Asarh [June-July] 1256 s.B. [a.D. 1199] to discuss social and communal. welfare and the defence of the sarv-khap area. The Resolutions passed were as follows:

More attention should be given to agriculture and o the making of good arms, and the soldiers and army leaders should be well trained and well looked after. The army commissariat should be well organized.

Young and healthy persons should enlist themselves in the Khap militia.

Village and thamba panchayats should protect and defend their area.

Manufacturers of arms and their families should be well looked after by the panchayats, and the artisans should provide better arms.

It is the duty of every panchayat to look after the helpless and destitute within its jurisdiction.

The panchayat was held în the village of Tikri [in khap Chau- gamal. The president of the panchayat was Rana Hari Pal. The vice president was Dharam Dutt. The wazir and the assistant wazir were: Ram Rai Tomar and Ram Kumar Ahir. The approximate attendance at the panchayat meeting was about 60,000 persons from different khaps.

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