Sardar Kahan Singh Of Nakai was born into a Sandhu Jat family ,He  became the head of the family on the death of Sardar Gyan Singh Nakai in 1807, to come and reside at Court. This the Sardar steadily declined’ to do: and in 1810 the Maharaja seized all the possessions of the family. without any resistance on their part, for resistance was unavailing. He gave Kahan Singh estates in the neighbourhood of Bahrwal of the value of Rs. 15,000, and to Khazan Singh he also gave a Jagir atNankot. Sardar Kahan Singh in 1860 was made a Jagirdar Magistrate. He always lived at Bahrwal, a little town far away from any high-road,. and after the death of Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore mixed very little in polities. In 1848 his troops, and his second son, Atar Singh, who were with the army at Multan, joined the rebels; but Kahan Singh, who was then au old man, was not suspected of being a party to his son’s dis-affection. He enjoyed a life pension of Rs. 3,840, in addition to his Jagir revenue of Rs. 11,980. His eldest son, Chatar Singh, who remained faithful, died in 1857 leaving three sons and two daughters. Kahan Singh Of Nakai died in 1872.

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