Kamar Singh, was brave Sandhu Jat converted to Sikhism, founded almost at the same time another branch of the Misl at Sayyadwala near Kot Kamalia. He was the son of Jagirdar Chaudhari Mitha Singh and was imbued with Sikh ideology.

He subdued independent tribes living on both sides of the Ravi river such as Kathias, Khairas et al. To begin with, they offered tough opposition whenever the Nakai forces entered their territories, they would retire into the marshy lands and dense forests which were not easily passable.

But ultimately they were forced to settle down to a comparatively peaceful life. He divided his possession into two districts, Satghara and Sayyadwala. He constructed five forts at strategic places to keep under control habitually refractory tribes. These forts were situated at Chicha Watni, Kamalia and Killianwala. He paid his focalised attention to the development of agriculture. To protect Sayyadwala from the neighbouring tribes, he raised a brick wall around it with pillars and places for military posts. He conquered Kot Kamalia from Muhammad Yar Khan and Ahmad Yar Khan. He took care that the old tribal chiefs instead of being ousted were made subservient to him, and to this errand, he granted them Taluqdari allowance, locally called Athog, amounting to five pies for each Kharwar of Nijkari or personal crops and one rupee per Kanal of Zabti or government crops.

There was a perpetual warfare between Ran Singh and Kamar Singh. Ran Singh attacked Sayyadwala but he could not succeed in the face of the stout resistance of Kamar Singh and had to withdraw ignominiously. Soon after, Kamar Singh went to Rahna Mohran village where Upera Kharal, a local Zarnindar waited upon him regarding the settlement of the amount of revenue which he had to give to Kamar Singh. The discussion prolonged and Kharal Zamindar finding Kamar Singh unattended by his body-guards signalled his man to chop off his head. He did the job with supersonic speed. Kamar Singh’s men reacted equally speedily and put the man to death. When Kamar Singh’s family and his followers were mourning the death of Kamar Singh, Ran Singh took advantage of the situation. Throwing even ordinary courtesies to winds, he marched upon Sayyadwala and captured it. This happened in 1780. A little after Ran Singh passed away in 1781.

Kamar Singh was succeeded by his brother Wazir Singh and Ran Singh Of Nakai by his eldest son Bhagwan Singh Nakai.


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