It has already been referred to that the Pathan ruler of Kasur was keen contestant for Lahore but Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore had stolen a march over him. NawabNizam-ud-Din had come to Bhasina long with the SikhJat chiefs. He had also been inciting Sahib Singh of Gujrat against Ranjit Singh. The Maharaja wanted to punish the Nawab for his intrigues against him. According to Amar Nath the Maharaja sent a big army against him under the command of SardarFateh Singh Kalianwala. The Nawab suffered a defeat at the hands of the Lahore army and obtained peace through submission. He became a tributary subedar of the Maharaja and paid a huge amount as war indemnity. He also sent his younger brother Qutab Din and Haji Khan and Wasil Khan to Lahore as hostages.


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