This beautiful building made from Nankashahi brick is to the time of Misls. This building, which is known by the name of the Khunda Fort or Haveli of Round Mansion or the Haveli, is one of the remaining signs of Sikh Jat state in Batala city. The Khundwale Sardar belongs to the Kahaniya Misl and it is believed that when Kahaniya was ruled in the city of Batala, then this beautiful mansion was made by the verdicardar. Who was the head of the validity? Let’s first take a look at them. The relation of the Sardars warlords of the Khundwala Approximately 700 years ago The Randhawa Jats Migrate from Bikaner.on that time Bikaner know as Jangaldesh where 7 clans of Jats were ruler there, these Jats were settled in Punjab from Bikaner by Bikaner, Daja village was settled in Banagar, Chamiyari, Doda, Dorangala, Talwandi, Kathunagal, and Khunda. Of these, Randhawa, the objections achieved high position in the empire of missiles, government-e-khalsa and British principles. Due to Dhariwal to stay in Khanda, the name of the Khunda Sardar of this village was spent which continues till today. Opportunity Sardar Of Kanhaiya used to belong to the missile and the death of 2 lakhs was 2 lakh till the death of Sandhu Jat ruler Sardar Jai Singh Kanhaiya. But when Kanhaiya Misl command came to Sardarni always Kaur’s hand, he took back the Noshadra, Huity Nagar and Clar Village from the Shardar. After this, Maharaja Ranjit Singh withdrawed all the land of Khundawale Sardar Prem Singh and gave them only 10 villages with 6000 income. After this, Prem Singh Randhawa Of Khunda joined the special 10 riders of the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore. He bravely participated in many war campaigns with the emperor, in which there was a war between Multan and Peshawar. Prem Singh Randhawa Of Khunda was very brave and on November 2, 1824, when Khalsa Army started crossing the Sindh River, Prem Singh ran away in the fast drift of the river, including the Horse. After this, Maharaja Ranjit Singh honored the four son Jawahar Singh, Heera Singh, Jaimal Singh and Jaswant Singh of Prem Singh . In 1836, the son of Prem Singh’s son Jaimal Singh was admitted to the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh with his brother Jaswant Singh. The king gave Ramgadhia Brigade to Jaimal Singh under Shergill Jat Jagirdar Sardar Lehna Singh Majithia. Both of these brothers participated in the command of Lehna Singh Majithia bravely in the wars of Peshawar and Jamrud in 1837. Jaswant Singh also gave his military services in the mountainous region market under Lehina Singh Majithia. Jaswant Singh died in 1844. Khundawale Warlords later divided his land property. Under Amritsar’s Naib Court (Deputy Judge), Lehna Singh was slapped under Majithia under Lehna Singh Majithia. During the British rule, Sardar Jaimal Singh was given Tehsildar Batala and in view of his abilities, he was in charge of Sardar Jaimal Singh , schools and industries, and in 1860 he was in charge of the Sardar Jaimal Singh . Sardar Jaimal Singh was the owner of good land till that time. It’s. Jaimal Singh Khunda Dhariwal is putting a court for many years in his village Khunda. Now back on the mansion of Khunda Sardar in Batala city. It is very important from the military perspective which is made up in a high place in the Haveli City Center. It is still visible to the city and the distant area is still visible on its round tower. A beautiful example of Sikh architecture This mansion has now collapsed from inside. Sardarni is always a deep relationship with Maharani Jind Kaur and Maharaja Sher Singh and they often used to come here. Seeing this round man believes one thing that when the mansion of Kanhaiya Misal’s warlords is so beautiful, the queen will always be very beautiful and big. Different rooms of the mansion were very well. Beautiful wall pictures can also be seen today on the walls of the tower. The scenario below the rooms of the mansion make it more special than the security side. The present generations of Khunderwale Sardar are still living in Umarpura and village Khinda of Batala. Rajeshwar Singh and Navdeep Singh Rimpi Khunda were also born in this round mansion, due to which the affection of these brothers is made of this mansion. Navdeep Singh is determined that efforts should be made to protect Sikh Raj and his elderly. The owner of this round house located in Batala city is of Khunderwale Sardar but due to the historic building of Sikh Raj, it seems to everyone. Opportunity mustard should be a good effort to save the symbols of their elderly and the Sikh Jat state.

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