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Mani Majra




Mani Majra

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मनी माजरा



Flag of Manimajra

The town of Mani Majra was founded in 1515 by Mani Ram Dillon who was a Zamindar and Chaudhary of the area under the Lodhi Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate. His descendant remained the Zamindars of the area. In 18th century Chaudhary Gangaram Singh Dillon held Mani Majra and 84 other villages as a vassal zamindar of the Mughal Empire. His son Chaudhary Garibdas Singh was a devout Sikh. After the death of Zin Khan, the Governor of Sirhind, and the break up of the Imperial power, he took possession of 84 villages, which is father held as an officer for the Empire, and further extended his territory by seizing the fort of Pinjor. Here the Raja of Nahan attacked him, but without success ; and placing his father in charge, Gharibdas Singh left intent on fresh conquest. It was during his absence that the Raja of Nahan having obtained aid from Pattiala, attacked the fort as described in the text, and captured it, Gangaram Singh being slain. Gharibdas Singh hastened back, but was not strong enough to attempt to recapture the fort. He, however, expelled the Nahan Raja from Chandangarh(Chandigarh), which he had captured shortly before.

Gharib Das died in 1783, leaving two sons, Gopal Singh and Parkash Chand.The elder of these did excellent service in 1809, and again in the Gurkha campaign of 1814. Sir D. Ochterlony was about to recommend him for a new jagir, but he requested instead the title of Raja, which was given to him. Mansa Devi, which is situated on the Shivalik foothills in village Bilaspur, Tehsil and District Panchkula,was build during the period 1811–1815 by Raja Gopal Singh.He died in 1816, and was succeeded by Raja Hamir Singh, who only survived his father a few years. Raja Goverdhan Singh, his son, was loyal in 1845(Anglo Sikh War) to the Britishers,and gave a detachment which was engaged at Mudki and elsewhere. He died in 1847, and was succeeded by Raja Gurbaksh Singh, who died in 1866, when his younger brother Raja Bhagwan Singh, inherited the state. Raja Bhagwan Singh died without any heir and his state was annexed by British government. The Fort of Mani Majra was later given to Raja of Faridkot.


  • Chaudhary Gangaram Singh , zamindar of Manimajra and 84 other villages, married and had issue,
  • Chaudhary Garibdas Singh , 1st Raja of Manimajra, converted to Sikhism, proclaimed himself independent of Mughal Empire, siezed Pinjore, Chandangarh(Chandigarh) and other territories, married and had issue.
    • Raja Gopal Singh(see below)
    • Chaudhary Prakash Chand
  • Raja Gopal Singh , 2nd Raja of Manimajra, married and had issue, son and successor.
  • Raja Goverdhan Singh, 3rd Raja of Manimajra, married and had issue, 2 sons
    • Raja Gurbaksh Singh(see below)
    • Raja Bhagwan Singh(see below)
  • Raja Gurbaksh Singh,4rd Raja of Manimajra, succeeded by his younger brother
  • Raja Bhagwan Singh, 5th Raja of Manimajra, married and had 2 daughter, after his death the kingdom of Mani Majra was annexed by the Britishers.
    • Rani Suraj Kaur Sahiba, daughter of Bhagwan Singh, married Raja Balbir Singh of Faridkot
    • Bibiji?? Kaur Sahiba


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