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The Jats and their origin


Kingdoms, Estates and Nobility


The illustrious lineages



Clashes that left a mark

Military Achievements

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Glimpse of Royalty

The history of the Jats proves to satisfaction that they belong to high class which is very old, valorous and enterprising; their being powerful in the Panjab from the fifth century is quite certain; they successively resisted the Mohamadan invasions in 1026, 1398 and 1525, as they have accelerated the downfall of the Mogal empire in the 18th century.

Jwala Sahai, History of Bharatpur


Sardar Sanwal Singh of Chamyari

Sardar Sanwal Singh of Chamyari, was the brave Randhawa Jat who was the founder of the Chamyari estate, and became a member of the Bhangi Misl around 1750. He fought under Hari Singh Bhangi in…

Sardar Sawal Singh Of Chamyari

Sardar Sawal Singh Of Chamyari, was born into Randhawa Jat family, he was adopted the Sikh faith in the 1750’s. He apparently became a member of the powerful Dhillon Jat of Bhangi Misl, and fought…

Sardar Sher Singh Of Buria

Sardar Sher Singh Of Buria, was born into Mannan Jat family,He was the successor of Sardar Bhag Singh Of Buria, when he was young he was young he was expend his state and Sher Singh…

Sardar Shibdeo Singh of Siranwali

Sardar Shibdeo Singh of Siranwali, was born in 1875 into Sandhu Jat family, he was the son of Sardar Richpal Singh Of Siranwali. When he was Young the Sardar began early to take an interest…

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In Character the Jats resembles the old Anglo -saxon and the ancient Roman, and has indeed more of the characteristics of the Teuton than of the Celt in him. He is tough ,slow, unimaginative and unemotional lacking brilliance, but possessed of great solidity, dogged perseverance and an eminently practical turn of mind. He is hardly ever convinced by words without conerete facts. Sturdy independence and patient vigorous labour are among his good point's as Ibbetson has noted. Another trait of the Jat character which has been marked by good observer's in his strong individualism.

History of the Jats-Kalki Ranjan Qunongo

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