Colonel Raja Sir Harinder Singh, Brar Bans Sahib Bahadur of Faridkot was born at Qila Mubarak, Faridkot State, on 29th January 1915, he was the elder son of BrarJat ruler Major H.H. Farzand -i- Saadat -i -Nishan -i -Hazrat-i-Kaiser-i-Hind Maharaja BrijIndar Singh Brar Bans, Bahadur, of Faridkot, by his wife, H.H. Maharani Mahinder Kaur Sahiba, he was done there education from Aitchison College , Lahore, where he had a brilliant academic career.He was succeeded on the death of his father, 23rd December 1918. Reigned under a Council of Regency, until he came of age and was invested with full ruling powers, at Qila Mubarak, Faridkot, 17th October 1934, he was Passed the Diploma Test with distinction in the year 1932, standing ist in his College in English and winning the Godiey Medal and the Watson Gold Medal for History and Geography. His Highness received practical administrative and judicial training in his State.In December 1933 His Highness successfully completed a course of military training at Poona with the Royal Deccan Horse. His Highness is a keen sportsman and fond of all manly games, especially Polo.

Career :-

His Highness was Commissioned as temporary Honorary 2nd-Lieut IA 2/5/1933, attached The Poona Horse 2/5/1933-15/12/1933, Later he was promote to Hon Lieutenant IA 17/10/1934, attached 1st Battalion (King George V’s Own), 11th Sikh Regiment, IA, served Waziristan 1937, promote Honorary Captain on 4/7/1941 then, promote to Honorary Major in 1/1/1944, then promote to Honorary Lieutenant- Colonel 15/8/1945, and promote to Honorary Colonel 11/10/1946. Honorary Colonel The Sikh Light Infantry, IA 3/3/1947-1989, Honorary Colonel King George V’s Own Bengal Engineer Group, RIE, and Bombay Engineer Group 18/1/1951-1989. Colonel-in-Chief Faridkot State Forces 23/12/1938-1951. Later he become the Member National Defence Council of India, Standing Committee of the Chamber of Princes, and MLA PEPSU. Merged his state into the PEPSU, 5th May 1948. The GOI amended the Indian Constitution to remove his position as a “ruler” and his right to receive privy-purse payments, 28th December 1971. Honorary Past Grand Master 1974, OSM 1971, Grand Lodge of India; District Grand Master for North India United Grand Lodge of England 1977-1989. Patron Indian Science Congress. Honorarymember United Service Institution of India. Then Member of Delhi Gymkhana Club, Delhi Golf Club, etc.

Marriage :-

He Was married at Bhareli, Ambala on 12th February 1933, to H.H. Rani Narinder Kaur Sahiba (died 19th April 1986), second daughter of Virk Jat Jagirdar Sardar Bahadur Sardar Bhagwant Singh, of Bhareli, by his second wife, Sardarni Kuldeep Kaur Sahiba, daughter of Sidhu Jat Jagirdar Sardar Balwant Singh, of Attari. Had issue with one son Tikka shri Har Mohinder Singh Sahib Bahadur (Prince David), he died unmarried in a motor accident , 10th October 1983.

Titles :-

He was received many title’s like King George V Silver Jubilee (1935), King George VI Coron (1937), IGS (with Waziristan clasp 1937), 1939/45 and Burma stars, British War, Defence (1945), and Indian Independence (1948) medals.

Death :-

He was at Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Tughlakabad, New Delhi, 16th October 1989 and Cremination at Shahi Samadhan, Faridkot,

References :-

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