Sardar Bhagwan Singh of Patiala State, was born in 1865, educated at Mohindra College, Patiala ; he passed High Proficiency Examination in Oriental Languages of Punjab University with credit, and attended courses in Law and Arts. in Government College, Lahore ; was appointed Magistrate in 1884; promoted to the post of Deputy Foreign Minister, and later appointed Foreign Minister; was raised to the high post of Judge, Chief Court, in 1900, and after several years hard judicial work was exalted to the highest office of President ship of Council of Regency.

On His present Highness’ assumption of powers he was made successively Home Minister and Member of Maharaja’s Executive Council, and is now again in Chief Court as Chief Judge.

He belongs to an old respectable Jat sikh family. His Father, Sardar Basant Singh, being Patiala State Nazim Collector and Session Judge. He was an enthusiastic Sikh, well read in his Scriptures, knows Gurmukhi, Hindi, Urdu, Persian and English well, and has also studied Arabic and Sanskrit. He has been Honorary Secretary, Patiala Singh Sabha, Later Vice-President. He was also Member of Khalsa College Council and Managing Com-mittee, Amritsar. During his short tenure of President ship of Council of Regency, free primary education was introduced in Patiala State.

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