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1764-1807 (Kingdom of Phillaur), 1807 to 1947 (Jagir of Phillaur


The founder of the Phillaur family was Tara Singh, a Kang Jat, of Kang (the village of his namesake Tara Singh Ghaiba), who was called Kákar because his beard was of a chestnut colour (p. Kakka). He had a dispute with one Laba, about the revenue, or some high-handed proceeding of his own, and in consequence left Kang Kalán and founded the neighbouring village of Kákra. He then joined Tara Singh Ghaiba, and acquired much booty at Kasur, and became leader of an independent detachment. With this he returned to Jullundur, killed Laba, and being joined by his own brother, Kaur Singh, took possession of Phillaur, including the imperal sarai, and the neighbouring villages. The village adjoining that of Tara Singh. Among these were Nangal and others which they gave to Sardar Bhág Singh, the founder of the Dhaliwal house. The Kakars were at the battle of Sirhind, in 1768, and it is said that Tara Singh Kakar killed Zain Khan (the Subehdar of Sirhind) and he got what he probably valued more domains at Kota and Sihala, about ten miles to south-west and west of Ludhiana, but at the cost of a severe sabre wound. But Tara Singh Ghaiba owed him a grudge on account of the murder of his relative, Laba, and seized all his dominions except Kotla and Phillaur; but the general assembly of the Sikhs at Amritsar, presided over by Jassa Singh, Alhuwalia, obliged him to give them back again. On Tara Singh’s death he was succeeded by his brother Kaur Singh, who kept half the estates and gave half to Sadha Singh, the minor son of Tara Singh, and built a fort at Rámgarh near Phillaur.

These chiefs supported Rai Iliyas of Raikot when Bedi Sahib Singh attacked him in 1798. Prince Partab Singh of Jind was married to the daughter of Sadha Singh, who was succeeded by Megh Singh, his son, in whose time Ranjít Singh seized the Kakar estates and imposed service on the Sirdars. It was in Megh Singh’s time, in 1809, that Diwan Muhkam Chand took possession of Phillaur. In 1826, Sirdar Budh Singh Sandhawalia, was ordered to resume a number of the villages which had been left in jagir to the Kakars, and the year after still more were resumed. Megh Singh died a colonel of artillery in the Lahore Army, in 1836. Kaur Singh died about 1809 and was succeeded by his sons, Gujar Singh, Nand Singh, and Dip Singh. The first deserted while stationed at Attock under Prince Sher Singh, and his jagir were attached by the Lahode Government. The descendants of Nand Singh’s held the jagir of Kakrala.


  • Sardar Tara Singh Kakar, 1st Ruler of Phillaur, he was a residence of Kang and later founded the village of Kakra. He joined the service of his namesake Tara Singh Ghaiba and became head of a independent detachment. He took possession of Phillaur and the surrounding country, he joined the other chief at the Battle of Sirhind.
    • Sardar Sadha Singh (see below)
  • Sardar Kaur Singh Kakar, 2nd Ruler of Phillaur, he successed his brother as the Ruler of Phillaur. He kept half the estates and gave half to Sadha Singh, the minor son of Tara Singh, and built a fort at Rámgarh near Phillaur, married and had issue. (see Kakrala)
  • Sardar Sadha Singh Kakar, 3rd Ruler of Phillaur, married and had issue,(see below).
  • Sardar Megh Singh Kakar, 4th Ruler of Phillaur , he was listed from Phillaur by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the year 1809.
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