Las Bela



Samma(Jamote branch)



Hindi Name

लास बेला

Time Period



The Jams of Lasbela were Jamotes who claimed their ancestry from Samma of Sindh who ruled over Sindh from 1351 to 1524. One of their ancestors Jam Araddin migrated from Sindh and settled in Kanrach during the reign of Mughal emperor Jahangir (1569-1627). Later, one of his descendents of Jam Araddin, Jam Rabno or Rab Dino became known for his bravery and generosity. At that time, Lasbela was under the rule of the Burfats; before whom, the Runjha Jat Jams ruled over Lasbela. The Runjhas were also of Sindhi origin.
After the death of Malik Pahar Khan Burfat, his wife Mai Chagli became the new ruler of Lasbela. The Roonjha tribe served as the administrators of Mai Chagli. They feared the rising power of the Jams of Kanrach and in order to crush the Jams of Karachi valley, they killed Jam Digar one of the chiefs of the tribe. In order to avenge the death of his brother, Jam Aali along with his tribesmen invaded the capital of Mai Chaglai and killed those who murdered his brother Jam Digar. Mai Chagli took her infant son Malik Izzat Khan and went to her ancestral place Taung and later on shifted to Kotri where her tomb is located just behind the government degree college.
Jam Aali ruled Lasbela very wisely and prudently. He had strong relations with the Khan of Kalat. During the tribal battle between the Jokhias and Burfats, he fought at Siri in Thatta and sided with Jokhia chief Jam Bijar Jokhio. After death of Jam Aali in 1760 A.D, his son Jam Ghulam Shah Jamote became the new ruler of Lasbela. During his rule, life and property was safe in the Lasbela. Mir Naseer Khan, then ruler of Kalat gave his daughter to Jam Ghulam Shah.


  • Jam Aali Khathurio Korejo (1742-1760),
  • Jam Ghulam Shah Korejo (1760-1776),
  • Jam Mir Khan Korejo I (1776-1830),
  • Jam Aali Khan II ,
  • Jam Mir Khan II
  • Jam Mir Khan III,
  • Jam Kamal Khan,
  • Jam Ghulam Muhammad Khan
  • Jam Ghulam Qadir Khan
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