Aulakh, Aulikhara , Aurak, a SuriyavanshiJát tribe, found in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. They live in Pakistan, whose head-quarters would appear to be in the Amritsar district, where they own a barak of, originally, 12 villages, but they are found in the northern Málwa, as well as in the Mániha.

They are said to be of Solar descent, and their ancestor Aulakh lived in the Mánjha. But another story makes their ancestor one Raja Lui Lak, a Lunar Dynasty King ,  They are related to the Sekhu and Deo tribes with whom they will not intermarry.

In Amritsar they give the following pedigree:-

Ram Chandar – Kasab – Dhaul – Raghupat – Ude – Ráp – Para – Majang – Markhanb -Goe – Mandal – Dhanich – Aulakh.

Some AulakhJats lives west of the Rávi as far as Leiah. In Montgomery they are both Hindu , Sikh and Muhammadan. Muslim AulakhJats also know as Muslim “Jutts”, were found mainly in Sialkot, Gujranwala, Lahore, Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Jalandhar and Ludhiana district. The Aulakh also are an important Saraiki-speaking Jat clan in Layyah District. like other Muslim Jats of East Punjab, they moved to Pakistan after partition in 1947.

As per some historian In Dwapar Yuga one descendent of Nagavansh was Ulukh who ruled in state of Ulukh. The arrival of King Ulukh into the Sabha of Yudhishthira has been mentioned in Sabhaparva of Mahabharat. The inhabitants of Ulukh state and the descendants of Raja Ulukh were known as Aulakh or Aula or Ola.

There were two royal houses of Aulikhara Dynasty which ruled from Dashapur. Earliest information regarding the first royal house is known from two inscriptions of Naravarma, the Mandsaur inscription dated MalavaSamvat 461 (404 CE) and the Bihar Kotra inscription dated MalavaSamvat 474 (417 CE). The founder of this house is Maharajah Jayavarma. And during this Maharaja Ranjit Singh Period Aulakh was Jagirdars also.

  • Distributions in Punjab –

In Amritsar the population of AulakJats is 17,841. It is mostly to be found in the area around the town of Ajnala and around the village of Shabazpur in Tarn Taran sub-district where the clan owns a cluster of 9 villages.

Villages in Amritsar

  • Ajnala,
  • KotliAulakh,
  • BhindiAulakh Kalan,
  • BhindiAulakhKhurd,
  • UgarAulakh,
  • Kohali
  • Kohala,
  • Lopoke,
  • ChawindaKhurd ,
  • Chawinda Kalan,
  • Mandoke,
  • Barar,
  • Chogawan.
  • In Patiala District –

Aulakh population is 7,620 in Patiala district.

  • Villages in Gurdaspur-

In Gurdaspur district the Aulak population is 2,817.

  • Villages in Firozpur –

In Firozpur district the Aulak population is 4,200.

Aulakh named village is in Zira Tahsil of Firozpur district in Punjab.

  • Villages in Ludhiana –

Population is more then 2100.

  • Villages in Faridkotdistrict-

Aulakh village in Faridkot Tahsil of Faridkot district in Punjab.

  • Villages in Jalandhar district

Aulak is village in Nakodartahsil in Jalandhar district in Punjab, India.

  • Villages in Mansa district

Aullak is village in Sardulgarhtahsil in Mansa district in Punjab – Biroke Kalan.

  • Villages in Muktsar district

Aulakh is village in Malouttahsil in Muktsar district in Punjab.

  • Villages in Rupnagar district

Aulakh is Village in Anandpur Sahib tahsil of Rupnagar district in Punjab.

  • Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Bhiwani district

Chandawas, DhaniMithi, Barsi, BarsiJattan,

  • Villages in Fatehabad district

Baijalpur, Tibbi,

  • Villages in Sirsa district

Chautala, Rupawas.

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