Ola, Ola , Aula , Aulakh, Aulukya, Olak, Aulak ,Aulik, Olakh, Olania, Olania , Aulakh ,Aurak, Olla  is a gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. They live in Pakistan.


H.A. Rose – gives following account of Aulakh: Aulakh , Aurak, a Jat tribe, whose head-quarters would appear to be in the Amritsar district, where they own a barah of, originally, 12 villages, but they are found in the northern Malwa, as well as in the Manjha. They are said to be of Solar descent, and their ancestor Aulakh lived in the Manjha. But another story makes their ancestor one Raja Lui Lak , a Lunar race.

In Amritsar they give the following pedigree :-—

Shri Ram Chandar → Kasab → Dhaul → Raghupat → Ude Rup → Pura → Majang → Markhanb → Goe → Mandal → Dhanich → Aulakh.

  • Distribution in Punjab :-

Aulak population is 7,620 in Patiala district.

Villages in Amritsar –

Ajnala, Kotli Aulakh, Bhindi Aulakh Kalan, Bhindi Aulakh Khurd, Ugar Aulakh, Kohali

Kohala, Lopoke, Chawinda Khurd , Chawinda Kalan, Mandoke, Barar, Chogawan.

In Amritsar the population of Aulak Jats is 17,841. It is mostly to be found in the area around the town of Ajnala and around the village of Shabazpur in Tarn Taran sub-district where the clan owns a cluster of 9 villages.

Villages in Ludhiana –

In Ludhiana the Aulak population is 2,055.

Villages in Gurdaspur-

In Gurdaspur district the Aulak population is 2,817.

Villages in Firozpur-

In Firozpur district the Aulak population is 4,200.

Aulakh named village is in Zira Tahsil of Firozpur district in Punjab.

Villages in Faridkot district-

Aulakh village in Faridkot Tahsil of Faridkot district in Punjab.

Villages in Jalandhar district-

Aulak is village in Nakodar tahsil in Jalandhar district in Punjab, India.

Villages in Mansa district

Aullak is village in Sardulgarh tahsil in Mansa district in Punjab.

Biroke Kalan

Villages in Muktsar district –

Aulakh is village in Malout tahsil in Muktsar district in Punjab.

Villages in Rupnagar district

Aulakh is Village in Anandpur Sahib tahsil of Rupnagar district in Punjab.

  • Distribution in Rajasthan :-

In Rajasthan the clan is spelled as Ola

Locations in Jaipur city-

Ambabari, Bagruwalon ka Rasta, Ganpati Nagar, Murlipura Scheme, Purani Basti, Telipada, Uniyaron ka Rasta,

Villages in Jaipur district-

Aula (औला) Jats live in villages: Doongri (300), Mukundpura Dadawata (6), Doongri Kalan, Sakhoon,

Villages in Sikar district-

Basdi, Chaindas Ki Dhani, Dinarpura Sikar (7), Katrathal, Kudli, Madhopura, Netarwas, Olagarh, Ola Ki Dhani, Ola ki Dhani (Sangalia), Piprali, Punyana (1), Puranabas, Rulyani (100), Sawaipura, Sewa, Shyampura West, Sihot Chhoti, Sikar,

Villages in Hanumangarh district-

Bhirani, Biran Hanumangarh, Sangaria,

Villages in Ganganagar district-


Villages in Jhunjhunu district-

Ardawata (अरड़ावता), Dhadhot Khurd, Keharpura-Pilani Teetanwar,

Villages in Alwar district-

Ajmeripura, Bansur, Kankra, Bardod, Jat Behror, Majra Kath, Rampur Bansur,

Villages in Nagaur district-


Villages in Tonk district-


Villages in Bikaner district-

Olania Jats live in:Motolai,

Ola Jats live in-Ramnagar,

Villages in Churu district

Ola Jats live in: Sujangarh (1),

Distribution in Haryana-

Villages in Bhiwani district

Chandawas, Dhani Mithi, Barsi, Barsi Jattan,

Villages in Fatehabad district

Baijalpur, Tibbi,

Villages in Sirsa district

Chautala, Rupawas,

  • Distributions in Madhya Pradesh-

Villages in Gwalior district-

Aulakh clan found in: Gwalior

Distribution in Maharashtra-

Villages in Chandrapur district

Palasgaon Jat

  • Distributions in Uttar Pradesh :-

Villages in Ghaziabad district


Villages in J P Nagar district


  • Distribution in Pakistan

Aulakh is One of the largest Jat clans found in the Punjab. Muslim Aulakh were found mainly in Sialkot, Gujranwala, Lahore, Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Jalandhar and Ludhiana district. The Aulakh also are an important Saraiki-speaking Jat clan in Layyah District. like other Muslim Jats of East Punjab, they moved to Pakistan after partition in 1947.

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