Bachal ,Bachhal,  Vachhal , Bachchh /Bachhade , Bachh / Bachda  Bachra , Vachchh , Vachchha  is Jat Gotra in Punjab and Haryana. They live in Pakistan. It is a branch of Tomars. Also Bajal/Buchal clan is found in Afghanistan.

Some theories on origin of Bachal :-

  • They are saud to have originated from Tomar Dynasty ruler Raja Anandpal’s descendant 8th generation descendants Kumar Bachhal.
  • H.A. Rose writes that Bachhal , a tribe of Jats, found in pargana Bhirug. Naringarh tahsil, Ambala : descended from a Taoni.
  • Some theory’s says that they are originated from Bhatti Jat Chief Bachara in the ancestry of Maharajah Salivahan.

Distribution :-

Distribution in Punjab :-

Bachal population is 840 in Patiala district and mostly where Jatsikh ( also know as Jatt).

Distribution in Haryana :-

They are found in Ambala district, and some in Yamunanagar, Karnal and Kurukshetra.

Distribution in Pakistan :-

The Bacchal claim descent from Tomar Dynasty. Muslim Bacchal were found in Ambala and Yamunanagar District prior to partition. The are now found mainly in Gujranwala, Lahore and Sargodha districts.

References :-

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