Bandesha or Badesha is a gotra of the Jats found in the Punjab, India and Pakistan.

Origin :-

They claim Suryavanshi descent. As per K.C. Yadav holds the view that most of the Jat tribes came to the Punjab in eleventh century during the days of Mahmud of Ghazni and orhan. Badesha too are believed to have migrated to the province at this time. According to some traditions, Badesha clan originated from the village Fatehgarh Churian of Gurdaspur district.


Distribution in India :-

In India, Badeshas are found mostly in Kapurthala, Jalandhar, Patiala, Ludhiana in Punjab and Karnal in Haryana in India. Prominent Badeshas villages include Buche Nangal, Fatthu Dhinga, Sarai Banjara, Dhandowal, Badesha, Fatehgarh Churian, Brass, Shahkot.

Distribution in Pakistan :-

In Pakistan, Badeshas are mostly found in Faisalabad and Khanwal districts in Punjab (Pakistan). Some have migrated further to Sindh. Prominent Pakistani Badeshas villages include Bamba Wala (Sialokot), Hassan pur, Alipur Bandesha, Noorpur Bandesha , Daak Wala, Bodi Shah, Chitourgarh, Chak 64 J.B(Gojra) , Chak 209 Lodhi Nangal (Samundri), Chak 207G.B (Samundri), Leel (Noshera Virkan) ,and Nankana Sahib.

Religion :-

Most of the members of this clan are Sikhs by religion in India and Muslims in Pakistan.

Notable persons and Estates :-

Notable Persons :-

  • Chaudhary Amrika, Founder of Shakot & Dhandowal Estate.
  • Risaldar Sardar Uttam Singh Of Dhandowal.

Estates :-

  • Shahkot
  • Dhandowal


  • The Punjab Chiefs.
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