Badgujar / Bargujar / Badgujar or Burgujar is gotra of Jats in Haryana and in Uttar Pradesh.  They are also found in Brahmans, Rajputs,Gujjars, Meos etc. James Tod places it in the list of Thirty Six Royal Races. And as per H.A Rose , this clan peoples is related to Solar dynasty and Their old capital was Rajor, the ruins of which are still to be seen in the south of Alwar, and they held much of Alwar and the neighbouring parts of Jaipur till dispossessed by the Kachwaha. Their head-quarters are now at Anupshahr on the Ganges, but there is still a colony of them in Gurgaon on the Alwar border. Curiously enough, the Gurgaon Bargujar say that they came from Jullundur about the middle of the 15th century ; and it is certain that they are not very old holders of their present capital of Sohna, as the buildings of the Kamboh’s who held it before them are still to be seen there and are of comparatively recent date. And according to James Todd Bargujar race is Suryavansi, which claims from Lava ,the elder son of Lord Rama .

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