Bangad , Vangar , Bangare ,Bangar, Vagara  is gotra of Jats found in Haryana and Rajasthan. They are branch of Gathwala Malik Jats. It is a branch of Yaudheya  Clan.

Distribution in Haryana :-

Villages in Kurukshetra district :-

Jats in Kurukshetra district in Haryana Mehra village near Ladwa (Kurukshetra), use both Bangad and Malik as their gotra.

Villages in Panipat District :-

Kawi (Panipat),

Villages in Jhajjar district:-

Maraut, Near Chhuchakwas, use both Bangar and Bangadwa as their gotra.

Villages in Kaithal District:-

Jats in (Village Songal,District Kaithal, Haryana) also uses both Bangar and Malik as their Gotras, But Now they are directed by their Khap to use Bangar Only as they can marry other Gotra included in Malik. Other villages with substantial population of Bangar Jats are Balbera , (Near Chika, Dist Kaithal), Pyoda , Devigarh, Salimpur Bangar. There are also few families of Bangar Gotra Living in Bangare Village District Patiala, Punjab. Originally they are from Songal.

Villages in Jind District:-

Chandpur, Kheri Naguran, Nagura,

Villages in Sonipat District:-

Kola near Gohana.

Villages in Hisar District:-


Villages in Yamunanagar District:-


Distribution in Rajasthan:-

Villages in Tonk district

Bagpura ,

Villages in Baran district:-


Distribution in Madhya Pradesh:-

Villages in Nimach district


References :-

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