Bhoj / Bhojak or Bhoja is a clan of Jats found in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in India. One branch headed by Krtavarma sided with the Kauravas.

As per some theories Bhoj gotra gets its name from Pamar dynasty ruler  Maharaja Bhoja. The descendants of Maharaja Bhoja were known as Bhoj. Maharaja Bhoja was son of Druhyu, the Chandravanshi Jatvansh King Yayati.

  • Distribution in Rajasthan –


  • Distribution in Madhya Pradesh :-

Villages in Nimach district

Bhoja Jat Gotra is found in Nimach district in villages: Kesarpura, Morvan,

  • Distribution in Gwalior  :-

The Bhoj Jats population is also in Gwalior in a very good amount.

  • Distribution in Uttar Pradesh :-

Bijnor .

References :-

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