Dahar – Jat clan (agricultural) found in Multan . In Bahawalpur they hold an important position. Their descent is traced from Raja Rawan, ruler of Mirpur Mathila, near Ghot-ki, who was converted to Islam by Sayyid Jalal and was by him named Amir-ud-Dahar, or ” Ruler of the Age.” Once rulers of part of Sindh, the Dahar power decreased in the time of the Langah supremacv, anrl in Akbar’s time they were addressed merely as Zamindars, but the Nahars, conceded many privileges to them and these were maintained by the Daudpotras  on their rise to power. The dahar are closely connected with the Gilani-Makhdums of Uch, to whom they have, it is said, given eighteen daugrhters in marriage  from time to time. (For further details see the Bahawalpur Gazetteer).


  • A glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West Frontier Province By H.A. Rose Vol II/D
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