Dalal , Dalwal or Dalel is clan of Jats found in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi. This Clan has a glorious History, Dalal Jat clan is found in Afghanistan. They were supporters of Chauhan Confederacy.


  • As per some theories The ruling family of Kuchesar belonged to the Dalal Jat clan. William Crooke in his book “The Tribes and Castes of the North Western Provinces and Avadh’  has written about the origin of Dalal gotra. William Crooke has mentioned that Deswal, Dalle and Maan were three sons from Dhannaray Jat and Badgujar Rajput woman of village Sillauti of Rohtak in Haryana. The descendants of the three sons were known as Deswal, Dalal and Maan Jats respectively.


  • As per local stories – Dalal Clan gets name after King named Dalal son of Kod Khokhar.


  • As per Pandit Amichandra Sharma – A chieftain named Code Khokhar lived in the princely state of Udaipur. He was in Chauhan Sangh and from there he settled in a village named Dadrede. Later he settled in Pallukote.  Pallukote and Dadreda both are in Marwar.  The genealogy of Code Khokhar is as follows:
  1. Veer Rana, 2. Dheer Rana, 3. Pallu Rana, 4. Kod Khokhar Rana

Kod Khokhar had 4 sons – 1. Maan, 2. Suhag, 3. Desa, 4. Dalal.

  1. The children of Maan were called Jats of Maan Clan.
  2. The children of Suhaag are called Jats of Suhaag Clan.
  3. From Desa, they were called Jats of Deswal Clan.
  4. Dalal Jat clan became popular from Dalal.
  • Distribution in Haryana:

Villages in Hisar district:-

Khedar, Hisar, Kumbha,

Villages in Faridabad district:-

Piyala, Fatehpur Billoch

Villages in Palwal district:-


Villages in Jhajjar district :-

Asaudha, Chhara , Daboda Kalan

Jakhodha, Mandauthi, Matin , Rewari Khera, Silothi, Tandaheddi ,

Villages in Gurugram district:-


Villages in Rohtak district:-

Bharan, Chiri, Daboda, Mehndipur, Pilana, Rajori,

Villages in Jind district:-

Malvi, Naguran, Kheri Naguran, Akalgarh, Sandeel, (Motala), Lajwana

Villages in Sonipat district:-

Mehndipur Sonipat, Poothi, Sewali,

Villages in Bhiwani district:-

Barsi Jattan,

Distribution in Rajasthan:-

Locations in Jaipur city

Mansarowar Colony,

Villages in Alwar district:-

Bhajeet, Doomera, Moonpur, Resti,

Villages in Nagaur district:-



  • Distribution in Uttar Pradesh:-

Villages in Meerut district

Chhazpur, Kazamabadgoon, Uplehda , Mohiuddinpur, Samaspur Surani, Bafar,

Villages in Moradabad district :-

Bhainsorh , Bilawala Mustahkam, Chandpur Ganesh, Nagla Salar,

All the three villages come in Tahsil Biral.

Villages in Bulandshahr district:-

Bondra, Dalpatpur Mukteshvera ,Khad Mohan Nagar, Launga, Mahav, Maujpur, Madona Jafrabad, Pipala Ikhlaspur, Saidpur, Sega Jagatpur, Lohlara, Shekupur Raura,

Villages in Shamli district:-

Oon, Khera Gadai, Rajjhar, Bajheri,

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district:-

Bhainsi, Kadipur Jansath, Khera Garhi, Oon,

Villages in Bijnor district

Maujampur Dalal, Maheshwari Jat,

Villages in Rampur district:-

Mewala Kalan,

Villages in Hapur district:-

Luhari Hapur

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh:-

They are found in Bhopal, Ratlam and Nimach districts in Madhya Pradesh.


  • Distribution in Delhi :-

Ujawaa, Kirari Suleman Nagar


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  • An interesting story about Lajwana village is contained in Swami Omanand’s book देशभक्तों के बलिदान.
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