Kahlon / Kahlaun / Kahilan / Kalon / Kalon /Kahlo  is gotra of Jats in Punjab, India and Pakistan.

H.A. Rose and some other historians writes that Kahlon Jat clan is found in Amritsar and other districts especially in Sialkot. They claim descent from Raja Vikramajit of the Lunar race, through Raja Jagdeo of Daranagar, concerning whom they tell the well-worn legend that in his generosity he promised his sister whatsoever she might ask. She claimed his head and he fulfilled his promise, but was miraculously restored to life. His descendant in the 4th generation Kahlwan gave his name to the tribe. Fourth from him came Soli or Sodi under whom they left Daranagar and settled near Batala in Gurdaspur, whence they spread into Sialkot. Muhammadan Kahlons perform the nikah, but they also observe Hindu observances at a wedding and when the procession sets out, they go to a chhari or malha tree outside the village. There a lamp is lighted in an earthen vessel and a thread tied round a branch of the tree. The bridegroom then cuts off the branch with a sword and puts it in the vessel.* Its jathera is Baba PhulJohad. Later two famous Estate was established by KahlojJats like – Wanaiki and Bhagowal , Wanaiki estate was founded by Sardar Chet Singh and his father was Lehna Singh who was Jagirdar Of Roranwala and adopted by Gurbakhsh Singh (founder of Roranwala Estate ) from KahlonJats , SardarLehna Singh Grandfather was famous Zamindar who in a time of scarcity left his native village of Sadawala in the Amritsar district for Mastapur near Kartarpur in the Jullundur Doab . Also Sardar Gurbakhsh Singh , Who was Founder Of Roranwala Estate waa the first person of his family who accept Sikh Panth and he was Jagirdar under the Bhangi Misl and was Chief of 40 villages

About Bhaogwal –

Chaudhary Bhago , Who was direct descendant of Kahlon(the founder of the Dynasty) he built the village of Bhagowal in the Batalapargana of Amritsar District. The founder of Bhagowal was Chaudhary Dhyan Singh , was Zamindar of Bhagowal until the time of Chaudhary Ram Singh , Ram Singh was Jagirdar Of Bhagowal , later he was accept Sikh Panth also and in this family many warriors was born like Gulab Singh , Mian Singh And Lehna Singh .

  • Distribution in Punjab –
  • Villages in Patiala district

Kahlon population is more then 210 in Patiala district.

  • Villages in Jalandhar district –

According to B S Dhillon the population of Kahlon clan in Jalandhar district is 1,800.

  • Villages in Amritsar district –


  • Villages in Nawanshahr district –

Kahlon is village in Nawanshahr tahsil in Nawanshahr district in Punjab.

  • Distribution in Uttar Pradesh –
  • Villages in Meerut district –


  • Distribution in Pakistan

Kahlon – The Kahlon are found mainly in Sialkot, Gurdaspur and Amritsar Districts. They are now scattered throughout central Punjab.

According to 1911 census the Kahlon were the principal Muslim Jat clan in districts:

Sialkot District – Kahlon (6,285)

Gujranwala District – Kahlon (261)

Amritsar District – Kahlon (390)

Gurdaspur District – Kahlon (1,729)

Lyalpur District (Faisalabad District) – Kahlon (3,037).

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