Lathar / Lathor / Lathal / Lathaur / Lather or Lathar is gotra of Jats found in Haryana, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Lathar Jats live in Uttar Pradesh, many historians said that once attacked and surrounded by enemies whom he put to flight but one of them, whom he had captured, killed him by thrusting a “lathi” or stick into his mouth, whence the name of the got or gotra. It holds seven villages in Jind tahsil. Khera Bhumia is worshipped at weddings.later some lathers of Jind was Migrate from Karsaula , a village in Jind into Karnal and some migrate Jind to Uttar Pardesh and many other states of India.

Distribution in Haryana :-

Villages in Jind District :- Budha Khera Lather, Lazwana Kalan , Julana, Karsola, Desh Khera

Villages in Kaithal District :- Budha Khera

Villages in Karnal District :- Phoosgarh, Chapra Kheda, Jattan Mohalla, Sector (Karnal), Rajivpuram, Vikashnagar

Villages in Bhiwani District :- Jatai, Sanga

Villages in Sonipat District :- Lath is a village in Gohana tehsil of Sonipat district in Haryana

Villages in Panipat District :- Dharamgarh

Distribution in Rajasthan :-

Villages in Sikar District :- Gordhanpura, Dhani (Nayakua)

Villages in Hanumangarh District :- Kirara Bara

Villages in Churu District :- Chainpura Chhota

Locations in Jaipur City :- Gandhi Nagar, Khatipura, Tonk Road, Murlipura


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