Lehal / Lahel /Lahail / Lahil /Lahal/ Lehel/ Lail/ Lehl or Lel is a Hindu/Sikh/Muslim Jat clan found in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, India and Pakistan. The Lehal are mostly Sikhs and Muslims in Multan area and Montgomery, In the Latter Districts it is Muhammadan and Hindu Jats in the Haryana state.

  • Distribution in Punjab :-
    They are found in the Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Ferozpur and Patiala districts of east Punjab.also they are founded in Sangrur district.
    Village named Lehal is in Phillaur tahsil in Jalandhar district
    Village named Lehal is in Hoshiarpur tahsil in Hoshiarpur district
    Village named Lehal is in Gurdaspur tahsil in Gurdaspur district
    Village named Kotli Lehal is in Batala tahsil in Gurdaspur district
    Village named Saido Lehal is in Baba Bakala tahsil in Amritsar district
    Villages named Kotra Lehal, Lehal Kalan are in Sangrur district
  • Distribution in Uttar Pradesh :-
    Villages in Jyotibaphule Nagar(Amroha) district
    Villege Named- Rehmapur Khalsa (near Gajroula, Tehsil Dhanaura)
    Villege named- Walipur (near Dhanaura)
    Villege Named- Dhehra (near Dhanaura)
  • Distribution in Haryana :-
    They are found in village phaphrana in Assandh Karnal district of Haryana.


  • A glossary of the tribes and castes of the Punjab and North-West Frontier Province : based on the census report for the Punjab, 1883 By H.A Rose.
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