Lohan / Lohaan / Lohana/ Luhana / Luhan or Lohain ,is a tribe of Jats, descended from an eponym, of Punwar Dynasty, belonging to Vikramjit’s family, and found in Sialkot, Lohan or Lohain are also found in Hissar, where it is said that one of the sons of Lohan was Chula, a bhagat who founded Narnaund, and is now worshipped as the tribal god under tho form of an oblong stone in his shrine there. His Brahmans are of the Indauria clan and are fed on the 11th sudi of each month.

  • Distribution in Haryana :-

Villages in Jind district
Frain Kalan, Gulkani, Rajpura (Bhain), Alewa, Sandil,
Villages in Kaithal district
Villages in Hisar district
Bhaini Amir Pur, Narnaund, Khanda Kheri, Panhari,
Villages in Bhiwani district

  • Distribution in Uttar Pradesh :-

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district

  • Distribution in Uttarakhand :-

Villages in Haridwar district
Roorkee Tehsil :- Nagala Cheena,Harjauli, Khooni Nangla, Libberaheri, Bharatpur,
Haridwar Tehsil :- Meerpur Muwazarpur,Nasir Pur Kalan

  • Distribution in Rajasthan :-

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

  • Distribution in Pakisthan :-

As per James Tod that Lohana clan is found in Sindh and they are related to Islam.


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