Pannu , Pann , Pannam , Paanoo , Panu, Punnu , Punnun , Punn,Pannag is gotra of Jats found primarily in the Northern Indian states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. They are mainly located in the Doaba and Majha region. Pannu’s are also found in the Malwa region specifically Ludhiana. Most of them are Sikhs by religion. Pannu is also a common surname in Finland. Pannu,Pannam Jat gotra is found in some villages of Hansi in Haryana and Gwalior region of Madhya Pradesh.

  • Theories of Pannu’s Origin
  1. .They are said to be descendants of Nagavanshi ancestor Pannaga .
  2. Pannam were the rulers of ancient Pravartaka ganarajya.
  3. Punnu (Surajbansi) origin is claimed by the Dudhrai, Poti, Gill, Thuthal, Mathi, Nat.

Villages founded by Pannu clan-

Phurlak – village is founded by the Pannu Jats. Ancestor of this village hails from the village Khumba Thurana, Which is Situated in Hansi tehsil of Hisar.

Distribution in Haryana –

Villages in Hisar district –

There are a number of villages of this gotra in Hansi tehsil, such as Thurana, Puthi Saman, Mohlaa, often known as Mohlaa , Badchhapar due to the vicinity of village Badchhapar.

Villages in Karnal district –


Villages in Jind district –


Distribution in Uttar Pradesh –

Villages in Meerut district


Distribution in Rajasthan –

Villages in Gwalior district –


Villages in Tonk district –

Paanoo , Panu gotra Jats are found in Tonk district in Rajasthan. Aranya Kankad ,

Distribution in Punjab –

Villages in Rupnagar district –

Pannuan is Village in Kharar tahsil of Rupnagar district in Punjab.

Villages in Amritsar district –

Chaudhriwala, Majha, Naushera Pannua.

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