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Time period

Early 16th century to 1947


Ghogripur was established during the time of Jahangir. And at that time this royal house was in possession of a large area. is from time to time.  He expanded his State.  he put his feet back on time. The name of this  state comes on a large scale in the pages of history when the revolution of 1857 takes place and in the time of the 1857 revolt it was Choudhary Ram Singh Mann. He was offered the title of  “Raja”  if he sided with the British but he didn’t and instead fought then. After defeating them twice he eventually was martyred in battle. This we remained as “Chaudhari”.and converted it into the Jagir of his independent state.After some times his son got title of Rai Sahib. And his  brother was made “Rai Bahadur” , His name  was Rai Bahadur Chaudhary Bans Gopal Singh Mann. After his death the head of the this estate was Rai Bahadur Choudhary Randhir Singh Mann. His son was Choudhary Surjit Singh Mann. And his son was Chaudhary Randeep Singh Mann and now his son is Kunwar Arjun Singh Mann.


  • Chaudhari Dhari Ram
    • Chaudhari Sarb Sukh Singh
    • Chaudhari Ram Ratan Singh
      • Bhagwan Singh
      • Jodha
        • Sada Ram
        • Data Ram
          • Sis Ram
    • Chaudhari Sada Sukh
      • Majlis Rai
        • Jahangir Singh
          • Randhir Singh
            • Chaudhari Surjit Singh
              • Chaudhari Randeep Singh ( Head of the family )
                • Kunwar Arjun Singh Mann
              • Saravdeep Singh
            • Paramjit Singh
          • Manmohan Singh
          • Shamsher Singh
            • Tejinder Pal Singh
              • Brijinder Singh
                • Karanvir Singh
              • Ranvir Singh
                • Jahangir Singh
                • Ransher Singh
            • Surinder Singh
              • Narpinder Singh
            • Ravinder Singh
        • Chaudhari Bharat Singh
          • Khem Singh
            • Gagraj Singh
          • Chaudhari Ujjal Singh
            • Dharampal Singh
            • Yashpal
          • Chaudhari Prithvi Singh
            • Gaginder Singh
            • Om Singh
            • Baljeet Singh
        • Chaudhari Ram Singh Mann , He was also Know as Raja Ram Singh , He was also given the title of Raja by the British Government. But he rejected the title in the 1857 revolution and had sacrificed his life for the freedom of the country.
        • Chaudhari Kanhaiya Lal
          • Bans Gopal
            • Jaswant Singh
              • Sumit Singh
                • Vikrant Singh
            • Mahendra Singh
            • Chaudhari Kuldip Singh Mann
              • Randeep Singh
                • Kundan Singh
              • Sandip Singh
                • Dushyant Singh
          • Chaudhari Madan Gopal Singh
            • Chaudhari Yashwir Singh Mann
              • Arun Singh
                • Karan Singh
                • Chaudhari Varun Singh Mann
              • Rajneek Singh
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