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For the early History of this Dynasty see Chattah Dynasty, For The early History of this family see Rasulnagar

The town of Ahmadnagar was founded by Ahmad Khan son of the Chattah ruler Nur Mohammed. When Nur Mahomed grew old, Ahmad Khan, his younger son, a brave and skilful soldier, led the Chattahs to battle. The great enemies of the tribe were the Sukarchakia Chiefs(see Lahore) of Gujranwala, who were ever striving to extend their possessions. In the time of Sardar Charat Singh the Chattas held their own, and Ahmad Khan in 1765 captured the celebrated Bhangi gun which Charat Singh had placed in Gujranwala. Soon after this, Ahmad Khan arid his brother Pir Mahomed quarrelled, and fought for some time with varying success ; and among the killed were Bahram Khan and Kadar Bakhsh, sons of Ahmad Khan and Pateh Mahomed his nephew. At last, Pir Mahomed sought help from Gujar Singh and Sahib Singh Bhangi, who invited Ahmad Khan to a conference, captured him, and shut him up without water till he agreed to resign the great gun, which was carried to the fort of Gujrat. Ahmad Khan later retired to Ahmadnagar, which his descendants hold till this date. After the Siege of Rasulnagar the Ahmadnagar branch became the head of the family. The Britishers recognized the right of Ahmadnagar jagirdars and gave Karam Illahi, great grandson of Ahmad Kahn, a small maufi(tribute free jagir), yielding Rs. 52 per annum, adding to his patrimony in Ahmadnagar, which had a revenue of Rs,1000 a year. He was a member of the District Board, Zaildar of Ahmadnagar, Gujranwala, and use to receive a chair, in Provincial Darbars.


  • Chattah Ahmad Khan, jagirdar of Ahmadnagar, died 1790,married and had issue
    • Kadar Baksh
    • Bahram Khan
    • Burhan Khan(see below)
  • Chattah Burhan Khan, jagirdar of Ahmadnagar, died 18??, married and had issue
    • Mohammad Khan, married and had issue ,three sons, died 1868
    • Kudha Baksh (see below)
  • Chattah Kudha Baksh, jagirdar of Ahmadnagar, married and had issue, died 1877.
  • Chattah Karan Illahi, jagirdar of Ahmadnagar, married and had issue, died??
    • Narrudin(see below)
    • Mohammad Hassan, born 1886
  • Chattah Nasrudin, jagirdar of Ahmadnagar,born 1882,married and had issue
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