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The Badrukhan family is a branch of the Jind family. It is founded by Sardar Bhup Singh, son of Raja Gajpat Singh and the brother of Raja Bhag Singh of Jind. He received a separate estate in 1789, from which time he was always considered independent of Jhind. However, in 1834, the Jind line being extinct on the death of Raja Sangat Singh, was allowed by the British Government to succeed, and became the father of the present Raja Sarup Singh of Jhind. Basawa Singh, uncle of Sarup Singh was the first Chief of Badrukhan. The Badrukhan genealogy is as follows: Raja Gajpat Singh of Jhind had two sons, namely, Raja Bhag Singh of Jind, and Bhup Singh who died in 1815. Bhup Singh had two sons, namely, Karam Singh who died in 1818, and Basawa Singh who died in 1830. Karam Singh was rebellious and he was overlooked in favor of his son, Raja Sarup Singh of Jind. Basawa Singh had two sons, namely, Sukha Singh who died in 1852, and Bhagwan Singh who died in 1852. Sukha singh tried to claim the gaddi but it was disallowed by the British Government. Sukha Singh had two sons, namely, Harnam Singh who died in 1856, and Hira Singh who died in 1843. Bhagwan Singh had three sons, namely, Diwan Singh who died in 1841, Sher Singh who died in 1844, and Chattar Singh who died in 1861. Diwan Singh had an infant child. The jurisdiction of Badrukhan was transferred to Jind in 1861.


  • Chaudhary Shri Shukchain, of Balanwali and Badrukhan. b. at Phul, 1683, younger son of Chaudhary Tilok Chand. m. before 1737, Agan Kaur, daughter of Chuhar Singh, a Bhuller Jat from Mandi. He d. at Phul, 1758, having had issue, three sons
    • Sardar Shri Alam Singhji, of Balanwali. A brave soldier who fought against the Imperial troops, and secured a great territory after the conquest of Sirhind in 1763. m. (first) a lady from the Gill clan of Gholia Chubara. m. (second) a lady from the Man clan of Maur Saboki. m. (third) Malan Kaur (m. second, ca. 1764, her youngest brother-in-law, Sardar Bulaki Singh - see below), daughter of a Dhaliwal zamindar. He d. after a fall from his horse, 1764.
    • Raja Shri Gajpat Singhji, Raja of Jind (s/o Agan Kaur) - see below.
    • Sardar Shri Bulaki Singh, of Dialpura. m. (first) at Kot Kapura, Taran Kaur, from the Nehre Sandaun family. m. (second), ca. 1764, Malan Kaur, widow of his elder brother, Sardar Alam Singh, of Balanwali. He d. at Dialpura, 1785, having had issue, two sons:
      • Sardar Mirza Singh, of Dialpura (s/o Taran). He left issue: Ancestor of the Mirza-kaDialpuria family
      • Mian Jitu Singh (s/o Malan).
  • Raja Shri GAJPAT SINGH, 1st Raja of Jind 1763/1789, born 15th April 1738, he seized a large tract of country, including Jind and Safidori in 1755, he joined the Dal Khalsa and took part in the conquest of Sirhind, Panipat and Karnal, he made Jind his capital in 1766, he was granted the title of Raja under a royal decree by Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II in February 1772, he seized and held the territory of Sangrur in 1774, which belonged to the Raja of Nabha, married 1stly, a daughter of Sardar Kishan Singh Monshia (Mansahia?), married 2ndly, 1764, one of his brother's widows, and had issue. He died 11th November 1789 at Sufidon.
    • Kanwar Mehr Singh, married and had issue. He died 1780.
      • Sardar Hari Singh, born about 1773, married Bibi Dya Kaur, daughter of Saunda Singh Khanah, and had issue. He died 1791.
        • Bibi Chand Kaur, born about 1790, married (as his second wife), Sardar Fateh Singh of Thanesar. She died sp in 1850.
    • Sardarni Raj Kaur, married 1774, Sardar Mahan Singh Sukerchakia of Lahore, and had issue.
    • Raja Bhag Singh (qv)
    • Sardar Bhup Singh, Chief of Badrukhan and Bazidpur, married 1stly, a daughter of Arbel Singh of Kaleki, married 2ndly, a daughter of Gajju Singh of Ralla, and had issue. He died 1815.
      • Sardar Karam Singh,d.1818
      • Sardar Basawa Singh,d. 1830
        • Sardar Sukha Singh,d. 1852
        • Sardar Bhagwan Singh,d.1852
          • Sardar Diwan Singh,b. 1841
          • Sardar Sher Singh,b. 1844
          • Sardar Chattar Singh,d. 1861
  • Sardar Karam Singh, Chief of Badrukhan, was married had issues with one son –
    • H.H Raja Sarup Singh Of Jind.
  • Sardar Sukha Singh, Chief of Badrukhan, was married ,had issues with two sons –
    • Sardar Harnam Singh, 1836.
    • Sardar Hira Singh , Later he was adopted by Nabha Royal Family and Because Maharaja Of Nabha.
  • Sardar Diwan Singh, Chief of Badrukhan, was married ,had issues with two sons –
    • Sardar Harsaiyan Singh , d.1900
    • Sardar Shamsher Singh , b.1872.
  • Sardar Shamsher Singh , Chief of Badrukhan, Was the representative of the younger branch of the family and is entitled to attend Provincial Darbárs as a solider or feudatory of the State. This branch holds Badrukhan and bhammawaddi, two villages of which the yearly jam is Rs. 8,1843 on An; area 6,443 acres, and pays Rs. 644 a year is communication tax to the Jind State. was married , having had issue, three sons and one daughter –
    • Fateh Singh
    • Kanwar Sher Singh, was born before 6th April 1845. He was died 1882.
    • Kanwar Chatra Singh. was before 3rd April 1848. He was died 27th February 1862.
    • H.H. Maharani Devi Sahiba. born in 15th January 1893. , was married in April 1911, Colonel H.H. Rais ud-Daula, Sipahdar ul-Mulk, Saramad Rajha-i-Hind, Maharajadhiraja Shri Sawai Maharaj Rana Sir Udai Bhan Lokindra Bahadur, Diler Jang Jai Deo, Maharaj Rana of Dholpur, GCIE, KCSI, KCVO (born 12th February 1893; died at Dholpur, 22nd October 1954)
  • Amir ul-Umara, Rais-i-Azam, Sardar Fateh Singh, Chief of Badrukhan, was born at Badrukhan, 1896,he was done there education from Aitchison College, Lahore, Punjab, later he was received Delhi Durbar silver medal (1911). He had issue, one son and one daughter :
    • Kanwar Chetan Singh b. 1896.
    • Kanwar Teja Singh. b. 1900.
  • Kanwar Chetan Singh, Chief of Badrukhan.
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