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The ancestors of jagirdar of Bhakha came into the Panjab from Malwa about the beginning of the seventeenth century, and settled near Chunian in the Lahore district.

In 1738 they made a second move to the village of Bhakha in the Amritsar district, from which they derive their family name. Sardar Charat Singh was the son of a sister of Sardar Sawal Singh Ulakhwala, a powerful Bhangi Chief. On the death of Sawal Singh, without issue, the estate was divided by the Sikh gurmata, or national council, between Nar Singh Chamiari, the potrela of the deceased, and Charat Singh, the sister’s son. The share of Nar Singh was the larger; but the jagirs of Charat Singh were valuable and extensive, and he held them till his death. His son Soba Singh held jagirs worth Rs. 40,000, subject to the service of one hundred and fifty horsemen, from Sardar Hakikat Singh Kanaiya; but Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the year 1802 seized all but Rs. 7,000,subject to the service of five horsemen, who with Soba Singh were employed in Ghorchara Kalan. The estate was soon afterwards further reduced to Rs. 2,116 at Guralia and Bhakha, Soba Singh having displeased the Maharaja by refusing to give him his daughter in marriage. Soba Singh died in 1824; and the villago of Curalia was resumed, and the village of Bhakha, worth Rs. 600, alone left to Hari Singh.

In 1848 Hari Singh, with his contingent, served under the orders of Captain Hodson at Rangar Nangal and elsewhere, and remained faithful throughout the disturbances. On the annexation of the country the jagir was upheld to him. He died in 1857; and to his son Ishar Singh half the village of Bhakha, in the Ajnala parganna, has been maintained in perpetuity. Ishar Singh died in 1872. His son Atar Singh, the became the head of the family, wass a respectable and literate Lambardar of two villages, and lived at Bhakha Hari Singh. His brother Mahtab Singh was a Dafadar in the 9th Bengal Lancers. He served with his regiment in Egypt. The family is connected by marriage with the Sardars of China and Raja Sansi.


  • Sardar Charat Singh, jagirdar of Bhakha, married and had issue.
  • Sardar Sobha , jagirdar of Bhakha, married and had issue,d. 1824.
  • Sardar Hari, jagirdar of Bhakha, married and had issue,d. 1856.
  • Sardar Ishar,jagirdar of Bhakha, married and had issue,d. 1872.
    • Sardar Atar Singh(see below)
    • Sardar Chatar Singh, b. 1858.
    • Sardar Mahtab Singh, b. 1861,married and had issue.
      • Sardar Bhagwan Singh, b. 1882.
      • Sardar Raghubir Singh, b. 1886.
    • Sardar Arjan Singh, b. 1869
  • Sardar Atar, head of the house,b. 1844.
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