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Tho Bhilowal family trace there origin to Ghuman a Harike Sidhu of Batha who founded Sidhuan in Manjha, hence they share ancestry with Sidhuan, Uthian and Sowrian/Awan houses. The first prominent member of this family was Budh Singh who made himself master of a good many villages in the Amritsar district, and was killed in one of Ahmad Shah’s invasions. His brother Ram Singh succeeded to the estate, but in the early days of Sikh history few chiefs died in their beds, and after some years he was killed in a Battle. His son Jai Singh was a mere child, at the time of his father’s death, and Mahi Singh took possession of the estate, which he considerably increased and managed with much vigour and wisdom, till Jai Singh grew up and demanded his rightful inheritance. He was satisfied with obtaining from his cousin the two villages of Bhilowal and Khochakwal and died two years after the arrangement, leaving an infant son.

Dasuanda Singh, from whom Mahi Singh took back Khochakwal, which he had only given to Jai Singh with great reluctance. But Maharaja Ranjit Singh seized the possessions of both, with the greatest impartiality, allowing Dasaunda Singh 3,000 Rs. per annum, with which he was to supply five sawars to the Sowrian Derah, which was first under Prince Sher Singh, and later under Jamadar Khushal Singh. After his father’s death Kishan Singh took his place in this regiment, but the contingent was raised to nine sowars, which he had to furnish till the annexation of the Paniab, When his jagir was confiscated, as he had joined Raja Sher Singh. Kishan Singh resided at Bhilowal, in the Amritsar district and held a pension of 240 Rs. per annum.


  • Sardar Mohar Singh, Founder Of Bhilowal and Kuchalkwal Estate, was married had isuue :-
    • Budh Singh
  • Sardar Budh Singh, Jagirdar Of Bhilowal and Kuchalkwal Estate and in his possession villages was around 15 in the Amritsar district, he was killed in Ahmad Shah Durrani invasion, was married had issue :-
    • Ram Singh
  • Sardar Ram Singh, Jagirdar Of Bhilowal and Kuchalkwal was married had issue with one son :-
    • Jai Singh
  • Sardar Jai Singh, Jagirdar Of Bhilowal and Kuchalkwal was married had issue with two sons :-
    • Dasaundha Singh
    • Chanda Singh
  • Sardar Dasaundha Singh, Jagirdar Of Bhilowal and Kuchalkwal, his Estate was sized by Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore, was married had issues with two sons :-
    • Kishen Singh
    • Bhagwan Singh, was married had issue with two sons :-
      • Lehna Singh (d.1864)
      • Mangal Singh (d.1845), was married had issues with three sons :-
        • Utam Singh (b.1867)
        • Balwant Singh (b.1873)
        • Jaswant Singh (b.1863)
  • Sardar Kishen Singh, Jagirdar Of Bhilowal, was served under the Sidhu Jat Jagirdar Raja Chattar Singh Of Attariwala ans his Jagir was confiscated in Consequence, was married he issue :-
    • Asa Singh
  • Sardar Asa Singh, Jagirdar Of Bhilowal, was famous "Sardar" of his region was married into Shergill Jat family of Majithia, his successor was his cousin Balwant Singh ,had issues with two sons :-
    • Lachman Singh (d.1867)
    • Harnam Singh (b.1860)
  • Sardar Balwant Singh, Jagirdar Of Bhilowal, was born in 1873, he was served as a Sub- Inspector of Police in Mailsi , Multan.
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