Hindi Name


Time Period

1760 to 1850


  • Choudhary Manna Singh , Jagirdar of Chachar, when he was young he was served under the Sukerchakia Misl, was married to Sardarni Mataji Kaur, had issues with one son and two daughters :-
    • Jawahar Singh alias Jawaheer Singh
    • Bibiji ??? Kaur, was married to Sandhu Jat Jagirdar General SardarJawala Singh Padhania, the Chief of Padhana in the Lahore District.
    • Bibiji Jindan , alias Jind Kaur Sahiba , was born in 1817, was married to Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore and becoming the Maharani of Lahore, she was regent of the Sikh Empire from 1843 until 29 March 1847. also his son Prince Duleep Singh of Lahore was becoming the successor of Lahore Empire, In the morning of 1 August 1863 Maharani Jind Kaur died peacefully in her sleep in Abingdon House, Kensington.
  • Wazir Raja Jawahar Singh Aulakh , Jagirdar of Chachar,, was born in 1814 Gujranwala,He was "Wazir" of the Sikh Empire from 14 May 1845 until his assassination by the Lahore Darbar Army on 21 September of the same year, under his nephew Maharaja Duleep Singh of Lahore (see - Lahore)
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