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1550 – early 18th century


The people of Sangha family live in village Sangha near Tarntarn in District Amritsar, Kala Sangha, Jandu Sangha, Dosanjh etc. in District Jalandhar, Bhai ki Drolli in District Ferozepur(Now Moga)of Malwa and Village Guaraetc in district Sangrur. Their genealogical tree (chart) goes and meets straight with Sun-Dynasty Or Suryavanshi. Mallhi and Dhillon are two different branches of this very tree i.e. Sangha sub-caste.

The area of Charik, at the time of Sidhs was founded and populated by the Jats of Sangha sub- caste. More than anywhere else, Sanghas live in Doaba. The whole sub-caste had flourished from Kala Sangha. Due to contention with Gills Sanghas inhabited Daroli just eight miles away from Moga.

According to the first Bandobust or land settlement of 1552-53 during Akbar The Great King, a dancer named Daroli had a fief or estate (a jagir) from Muslim Emperor.

She Had a Sister Named Nidhan and 2 Brothers named Sosan and Dagru. Sanghe became the agricultural tenants of Drolli. After her death they became the owners of her estate. According to Gazetteer of Distt Ferozepur Chaudhary Loombrahhelped Sangha family to be settled in Malwa. The founder of Daroli, Chaudhary Loombrah, had two successors named Ajab Singh and Ajaib. These two brothers were the followers of the 3rd Guru. About them is written in a ballad (Var) of Bhai Gurdass. At the time of Guru AmardasSanghas had settled only in Drolli.

SainDass Khatri, brother-in-law or the husband of Guru Hargobindji’s wife was living in Daroli. He was a stauch follower of Guru Arjan Dev. Sanghas also had devotion for Sikhism. The 6th Guru, when in jovial mood, issued the Title of honour, Bhaike, to village Daroli and it became Daroli Bhai. Then people began to call Sanghas also Bhaike. Guru ji himself presented a sword and a sacred book to the religious congregation (Sangat) of Drolli.

Bhai Umar Shah or Chaudhary Umar Shah, a Sangha Jat of village Darauli, in Faridkot district ( Now in Moga) of the Punjab, was appointed a masand or local leader by Guru Arjan. He was according to Bhai Santokh Singh, Sri Gur Pratap Suraj Granth, among those who received Guru Arjan’s special blessing for their dedicated service during the digging of the holy pool and the construction of Harimandir at Amritsar. He was also among those chosen to join the marriage party of Guru Hargobind in February 1605 at Dalla Village.

His Son Chaudhary Kalyan Das of Sangha sub-caste was the staunch follower of the 6th Guru. He was the great grandson of Chaudhary Loombrah and grandson of AjaibSingh and Son of Umar Shah. Bhai Kaliana, a prominent and learned Sikh of the time of Guru Arjan. The Guru once sent him to the hill country, present day Himachal Pradesh, to raise funds and bring timber for the holy Harimandar, then being built at Amritsar. Here Raja of Mandi Hari Sen Met him , Came With Him to Harimandir Sahib and Became a follower of Guru Ji.

The son of Bhai Kalyan, like his father, was also very brave He was the commander of the Army of tenth Guru. His name was Bhai Nand Chand. He Founded Ranjeet Nagara and Fought Battle of Bhangani As a Commander of Guru Gobind Singh .During Foundation of Paonta Sahib he was Choosen to Perform an Ardaas Ceremony.

Robes of Honor Given to Nand Chand Sangha by Choudhary Ram Singh Founder of Dehradun an eldest son of Sikh Guru Har Rai during visit to Paonta with Guru Gobind Ji.
Chaudhary Des Raj son of Diwan Chaudhary Nand Chand was also the devotee of the Guru.

Their Descendants Still Living in Daroli Bhai known as Bhayees of Daroli and Others from The lineage of Chaudhary Kalyan Das founded many new villages as both Korewalas, both Demroo/ Tamoors, Jogewala, Bhai Ka Warra etc.


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  • Chaudhary Loombrah, was the founder of "Daroli" Estate, he was received Jagir Of Daroli, along with his other brothers like Chaudhary Saha Shah, Chaudhary Ammi Shah and Chaudhary Jammoh Shah, was married har issue with one son :-
    • Ajaib Singh
  • Chaudhary Ajaib Singh, Jagirdar Of Daroli, was married had issue with one son :-
    • Umar Shah
  • Chaudhary Umar Shah, Jagirdar Of Daroli, was also know as "Bhai Umar Shah"was married had issue with one son :-
    • Kalyan Das
  • Chaudhary Kalyan Das, Jagirdar Of Daroli, was married har issue with one son :-
    • Nand Chand
  • Chaudhary Nand Chand, Jagirdar Of Daroli, was the founder of Ranjeet Nagara, also he was the Diwan and Military Commander of the Guru Gobind Singh ,was married had issue with one son :-
    • Des Raj
  • Chaudhary Des Raj, Jagirdar Of Daroli, was married had issue :-
    • Chaudhary Bhog Singh
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