Dhaliwal & Thabalke





Dhaliwal & Thabalke

Hindi Name

धालीवाल और थबाल्के

Time Period

18th century-1947


The Sirdárs of Dhálíwal and Thabilke are descendants of Bhág Singh, a Kang Jat of Kakar Kalan. He was connected with the Kakar Kangs of Phillaur, and one account makes him the nephew of Sirdár Kaur Singh. Bhág Singh’s villages were scattered, some about Dhálíwál, some (as Nangal and Bakápur) about Phillaur, and others in Nawashalr, Ludhiána and Garhshankar. Bhág Singh had four sons, two by one wife, and two by another, namely

  1. Mán Singh; Sirdár Atar Singh, son of Narain Singh of Dhálíwál is his great-great-grandson. He held two thirds of Dhaliwal, Worth Ks. 2,712 per annum as a Conquest Jågir.
  2. Khushál Singh died childless.
  3. Jít Singh (eldest son of second wife); Sirdárs Jiwan Singh and Bhagwán Singh, sons of Thákur Singh of Thabalke, are his great-great-grandsons. They hold three-eighths of Thabalke, worth Rs. 542, as Conquest Jágír.
  4. Díwán Singh; his descendants lives in Kakar Khurd in Nakodar, whither they returned when Ranjit Singh resumed Bakápúr from Charat Singh, son of Díwán Singh. The estates of the family were resumed at various times.
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