Hindi Name


Time Period

Early 19th century to 1947


Chak Kharak Singh Wala (Urf Doomwali), District Bathinda, Punjab, was founded by Chaudhary Kharak Singh Sidhu in 1859-60. The Doomwali was built in 1865 and was later renovated in 1960.descendant of Chaudhary Kharak Singh, Col. Wadhawa Singh Sidhu fought in the Second World War that happened between 1939 – 1945.Sardar Bahadar Pritam Singh Sidhu (B.A / LLB ) from Doomwali,  was Nizam (Governor) of Patiala State in 1948. He  presented the welcome address on behalf of the MC and residents of Patiala to his Highness Sri 108th Maharajadhiraj Mahendra Bahadur on their safe return from the battlefield at a party held at Baradari RG Club Ground on 30th November 1944.Pritam Singh Sidhu retired as a Revenue Commissioner in 1951. Later, he was elected as MLA in PEPSU state.

There were many renowned personalities of Punjab that were the descendants of Doomwali.On 26th October 1995, Flying Officer Sardar Prem Singh Sidhu was felicitated by the then President of India, Dr. Shankar Dyal Sharma as the oldest royal Indian Officer of the country at Jodhpur.Sardar Ishwar Singh Sidhu, donated his land to open 2 girls colleges in Chandigarh – Dev samaj college in Sector 36 and Sector 45.Sardar Ajmer Singh Sidhu was Brigadier at Danapur, Bihar.Brigadier Jagbir Singh Sidhu retired as a decorated Indian Army Officer.IAS Kulbir Singh Sidhu was Commissioner at Fazilka, Punjab.Sardar Jaspal Singh Sidhu was posted in Arunachal Pradesh as Deputy Inspector General of police.


  • Chaudhary Kharak Singh (has issue, two sons)
    • Sirdar Kripal Singh
    • Sirdar Narian Singh
  • Sirdar Kripal Singh (has issue, six sons)
    • Sirdar Pritam Singh
    • Sirdar Prem Singh
    • Sirdar Avtar Singh
    • Sirdar Gurmael Singh
    • Sirdar Ajmer Singh
    • Sirdar Harmael Singh
  • Sirdar Pritam Singh (has issue, one son)
    • Biba Surender Kaur
    • Ravinder Singh (has issue, two sons)
      • Harnam Singh
      • Dalbir Singh
  • Sirdar Prem Singh (has issue, two sons)
    • Jagjeet Singh (has issue, two sons)
      • Satbir Singh
      • Harbir Singh
    • Biba Ravinder Kaur
    • Jagbir Singh (has issue, one son)
      • Biba Puneet Kaur
      • Biba Vaneet Kaur
      • Subir Singh
    • Biba Harshinder Kaur
  • Sirdar Avtar Singh (has issue, one son)
    • AmarjIt Singh
      • Amarinder Singh (has issue, one son)
        • Shaun Singh
        • Biba Jiya Kaur
  • Sirdar Gurmael Singh (has issue, two sons)
    • Biba Amrit Kaur
    • Sukhjeet Singh (has issue, one son)
      • Inderpreet Singh
      • Biba Avneet Kaur
    • Manjeet Singh (has issue, one son)
      • Daljit Singh
      • Biba Ripujeet Kaur
    • Biba Manmohan Kaur
  • Sirdar Ajmer Singh (has issue, one son)
    • Biba Kamaljeet Kaur
    • Bina Gikki Kaur
    • Amardeep Singh
      • Biba Mehar Kaur
  • Sirdar Harmael Singh (has issue, one son)
    • Vikram Singh (has issue, two sons)
      • Teghveer Singh Sidhu
      • Tanveer Singh Sidhu
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