Kathu Nangal




Kathu Nangal

Hindi Name

कथू नंगल

Time Period

Early 1740 to 1947


Chaudlhary Dalah Randhawa, founded the estate of Chavinda in the Amritsar district. His four sons, Gagu, Jabhu, Ram and Lakhan, founded, respectively, the estates of Kathu-Nangal, Sahniwali, Wariam-Nangal and Rupowali. Sahib Singh, who took the pahul and became a Sikh about the year l770, was the great-grandson of Gagu. He joined Sardar Jai Singh Kanhya and took possession of about thirty villages in the neighbourhood of Kathu-Nangal, Dharmkot, and Chakowal. Sahib Singh was a gallant man and bore the scars of fourteen wounds. He fought on the side of the Kanhyas in all their quarrels, and fell at last before the fort of Atalgarh in a skirmish with the Ramgarhia troops. His two sons Jit Singh and Budh Singh succeeded to his estate, but the elder of these was killed soon afterwards at Lodha-Mandowala fighting against the Ramgarhias, who had slain his father.

Budh Singh was one of the last of the Kanhya Sardars to tender his allegiance to Ranjit Singh, by whom he and the sons of Jit Singh were allowed to retain their estates. He served in the army in Hazara, Yusufzai, and Kashmir till 1823, when he was obliged to retire through ill-health, and the Maharaja resumed all his villages except Ladha-Manda, worth Rs. 3,000, and a portion of Kathu-Nangal. He died three years later, and his only son, Partab Singh, was placed in the Ghorchara Kalan regiment, and was afterwards transferred as Adjutant to the Povindia Regiment, of which he became Commandant in 1840. In 1842 he was made Colonel and received a grant of the jagir of Khiali, worth Rs. 1,000. He died without issue in 1844. Hand Singh, of this family, resigned the service and lost his jagir in 1848. He resided at Kathu-Nangal, where he possesses a well and half the proprietary rights of the village. Kushal Singh, his son, was chief Lambardar of Kathu-Nangal.


  • Chaudhari Dalah of Chavinda
    • Ch. Gagu of Kathu Nangal
    • Ch. Jabbu of Sahniwali
    • Ch. Ram Singh of Wariam-Nangal
    • Ch. Lakhan Singh of Rupwali
  • Chaudhri Sahib Singh (later Sardar Sahib Singh) was great Grandson of Chaudhri Gagu of Kathu Nangal D. 1800.
    • Sardar Jit Singh , was served in the army in Hazara, Yusufzai Nd Kashmir till 1823.
      • S. Gulab singh
        • Sardar Nand Singh (b.1823)
          • S. Phola Singh (b.1866)
          • s. Lahna singh (b.1873)
          • s. Teja singh (b.1875)
          • s. Randhir singh (b.1872)
          • s..Dip singh (b.1882)
          • s. Kalbir Singh ( b.1885)
        • s. Khushal Singh (b.1849) Chief Lambardar of Kathu- Nangal
      • S. Sukha singh
        • s. Budh singh
          • S. Kishan Singh (b.1856)
          • S. Bishan Singh (b.1857)
          • S. Asa Singh (b.1862)
        • s. Kahan singh
          • S. Sundar Singh (b.1844)
          • s. Arjan Singh (b.1851)
          • s. Balwant Singh (b.1859)
    • sardar budh singh
      • S. Pratap Singh (d.1844) was in the Ghorchara Kalan Regiment and was afterwords transferred as adjutant to the Povindia Regiment , of Which he become “ Commandant” in 1840. In 1842 he was made “ Colonel” and received a grant of the Jagir of Khiali.
    • s. Wazir singh
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