Kot Jan Baksh/Gajar Gola





Kot Jan Baksh / Gajar Gola

Hindi Name

कोट जन बख्श / गजर गोला

Time Period



For the early History of this Dynasty see Chattah Dynasty

Kot Jan Baksh(Fort of Jan Baksh) was founded by Jan Baksh Chattah, the ancestor of Kot Jan Baksh family Jam Baksh was born in the village of Gajar Gola. He joined the rulers of Rasulpur in there exploits and took possesion of several villages in the neighborhood. He was killed in 1794 in a fight with Sardar Mahan Singh of Sukerchakia Misl(see Lahore) , who marched upon Gajar Gola and plundered it of considerable wealth; the family of Jan Baksh escaping to Pindi Bhatian. When Maharaja Ranjit Singh had succeeded his father, Khuda Bakhsh(son of Jan Baksh) and his brothers waited upon him, and were taken into the Ghorcharas, receiving jagirs to the amount of Rs. 12,000. Khuda Bakhsh served under the Maharaja in all his chief campaigns, Kasur, Multan, Mankera, Kashmir and Peshawar, and was distinguished for his gallantry. He was several times wounded ; and at the battle of Teri, when badly hurt himself, he cut off the head of an Afghan with a single blow. The family had a quarrel with Wasakha Singh, the Kardar of Kadianbad, and their jagirs, with the exception of Kot Jan Bakhsh, Gajar Gola and two other villages, worth Rs. 2,500, were resumed. The cash pension of Rs. 2,500 was left to them.

During the disturbances of 1848-49 Khuda Bakhsh remained loyal to the Britishers. His two grandsons, Ghulam Haidar and Shamasdin, were made Thanadar and Deputy Thanadar at Kadianbad. On annexation Gajar Gola, worth Rs. 1,500, was released for the life of Khuda Bakhsh. He died in 1856, and two-thirds of the jagir were resumed. The remaining one-third descended to his heirs in perpetuity. They owned two thousand ghumaos of land in Kot Jan Bakhsh and other villages of Gujranwala.

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