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For the old history of this family see Chabal

The jagir of Laroya was founded by Dasundha Singh, He was a Dhilon Jat of village of Chabal(also called Jhabhal) , in the present Taran Taran District, half-brother of the celebrated Baghel Singh(he was adopted by the Chabal family) , leader of the Karora Singhia misal. Dasundha Singh crossed the Beas in 1769, and seized some villages in the north of the Jullundur Tahsil. The family retained possession under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, supplying in return a contingent of twenty-six horse- men, whose services were valued at Rs. 2,420 annually by the British Government on annexation; and the revenues of three villages were resumed in lieu there of under the usual system. To Sadhu Singh the villages of Laroya,Madhopur and Dhada Sanaura, valued at Re. 4,600, were released for life. On his death, in 1851, Madhopur only was continued to his son, Basawa Singh. The village of Dhada was left with Sadhu Singh’s step-mother in life tenure. On the revision of the conquest jagir records in 1857, Laroya was released for ever to Basawa Singh and his lineal male heirs.

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  • Chaudhary Dausandha Singh, jagirdar of Laroya, married and had issue
  • Sardar Chuhar Singh, jagirdar of Laroya,married and had issue
    • Budh Singh
    • Sadhu/Sudh Singh(see below)
    • Chattar Singh
  • Sardar Sadhu Singh, jagirdar of Laroya,married and had issue, died 1851
    • Sardar Basawa Singh(see below)
    • Sardar Kishen Singh, died 1836
  • Sardar Basawa Singh, jagirdar of Laroya(1851-1918),married a Grewal Jat lady from Raipur and had issues, He was a Zaildar, Safedposh and a Lambardar, He was made a hereditary Sardar and divisional Darbari, Died 1918 , was married had issue with one son-
    • Sardar Achar Singh
  • ‘Sardar Sahib’ Sardar Achar Singh,jagirdar of Laroya,born 1885, He was a Zaildar, Safedposh and a Lambardar, a Divisional Darbari and Sardar Sahib,he was awarded a Jubilee award married and had issue
    • Sardar Partap Singh, died 1908
    • Sardar Narendra Singh(see below)
    • Sardar Harbans Singh, born 1914
    • Sardar Bikramjit Singh, born 1926
  • Sardar Harbans Singh, jagirdar of Laroya, born 1910
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