Hindi Name


Time Period

Early 18th century to 1947


  • Mian Dau Singh [Bagha Mal], founder of Laudgharia Estate , was born in 1708 . He was the son of Sardar Jit Singh Sidhu of Kot Duna, Bugar and Man Mibarian (d.1818) and younger brother of Sardar Mahtab Singh of Kot Duna. b. 1802. He d. 1834, He was Shared his father's imprisonment at Delhi. He died in prison, at Delhi, 1723, and Laudgharia Estate successor was his younger brother Suma Singh.
  • Sardar Suma Singh, Chief Of Laudgharia , was born 1718, was married to three wives. He was died 1772, having issue, five sons (ancestor of the Rampuria family)-
    • Sardar Jassa Singh, was died early in young age .
    • Sardar Massa Singh
    • Sardar Tek Singh
    • Sardar Charat Singh
    • Sardar Budh Singh
  • Sardar Massa Singh, Chief Of Laudgharia, was married had issue with one son –
    • Hazoor Singh
  • Sardar Hazoor Singh, Chief Of Laudgharia, was married had issues with two sons :-
    • Harnam Singh
    • Sardar Bahadur Hazoora Singh Laudgharia. He was Nazim of Nizamat Phul .Sardar Bahadur Hazoora Singh laudgarhia now called as Gumti.
  • Sardar Harnam Singh, Chief Of Laudgharia, was in Nabha Akal Infantry Some kind general, was married had issue, he died early age :-
    • Gurbachan Singh
  • Sardar Gurbachan Singh, Chief of Laudgharia, was served in Pepsu Police. President Bravery Award winner.
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