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Sadar Sahib Singh’s ancestors belonged to the Karora Singhia Misl, of which the rulers of Kalsias and Radaur were a branch. Nodh Singh, the originator of this famoky, came from Kalsia in the Manjha, with Sardar Gurbakhsh Singh of Kalsia, and Karam Singh of Bilaspur, whose family is now extinct. When the Kalsias divided their conquests the Leda Chief and his followers were awarded villages in the eastern part of Ambala equivalent to the services of two hundred horsemen maintained by them; the Sardar of Kalsia taking only a five sixteenth share of the whole, consisting of lands in the neighbourhood of Chachrauli, near Jagadhri, where his descendants still reside. The Leda jagirs during the British period composed of two entire villages and shares in five others, all in the Jagadhri Tahsil, as well as shares in six villages of Tahsil Naraingarh, valued at Rs. 2,531. The jagirdars are six in number and divide on ancestral shares, the value of Sahib Singh’s share being Rs. 582. The family maintained some police levies during the Mutiny, and as a reward received a remission of the commutation service charge for one year.


  • Sardar Nodh Singh, jagirdar of Leda, d. 1812, married and had issue.
  • Sardar Jit Singh, jagirdar of Leda, d. 1848, married and had issue
    • Sardar Dava Singh, d. 1877
    • Sardar Fatah Singh,d.1847,married and had issue.
      • Sardar Sangat Singh, married and had issue.
        • Gurdit Singh, born 1863
      • Sardar Teja Singh, born 1836
      • Sardar Hira Singh, born 1848
      • Sardar Makhan Singh, 1849
    • Sardar Amir Singh (see below)
  • Sardar Amir Singh, jagirdar of Leda,d.1842, married and had issue.
    • Sardar Sahib Singh (see below )
    • Sardar Partab Singh, b. 1840,married and had issue.
      • Sardar Balwant Singh,b.1871.
      • Sardar Bhagwant Singh, b. 1880.
  • Sardar Sahib Singh, jagirdar of Leda,b.1836, married and had issue.
    • Sardar Abha Singh, b. 1875
    • Sardar Jorawar Singh( see below)
  • Sardar Jorawar Singh, jagirdar of Leda, b. 1868
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