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Malaudh is a very ancient place which was known as Malla Udey or rise of the Malavs. Bakht Mal/Balhta third sons of Chaudhary Ram Singh of Bhadaur, left Bhadaur to his elder brother Chaudhary Dunna and went to seek their fortunes elsewhere about the year 1720. Bakht Mal settled a few miles east of Bhadaur in the village of Dhapali, till he was called in by Shahna, a Jat who had attempted to found a village which still bears his name but was suppressed by the neighbouring villagers. Bhakhta built a rude fort which was called Kot Bakhta and made it his headquarters. Sardar Man Singh son of Bakhta conquered the Malaudh Ilaqa from the Maler Kotla Afghans in the year 1754. This was the period of activity of the Cis-Satluj States against the Muslims which culminated in the fall of Sirhind in 1863. The Malaudh Rajas maintained a position of Independence, the relationship to the Patiala Rajas giving them immunity from attacks by their neighbours. In 1860, the three main representatives of the Maludh family were invested with magisterial powers to be exercised within their local limits and their jagirs were maintained in its entirety. The Malaudh family had many forts in the area under their rule including forts in Ramgarh Sardaran, Pakhoke, Ber and a fine old fort of Shaina built by Bakhta. A large one in Malaudh was assigned to Raja Badan Singh C.S.I. recipient of Companionship Order of the Star of India in 1903 who exercised the same criminal and civil powers over the whole estate as his brother Sardar Sundar Singh Jagirdar did in his share. They took keen interest in the administration of the estate and welfare of their subjects. Raja Badan Singh was an invitee to the Delhi Coronation Durbar held in December 1911 to commemorate the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary as Emperor and Empress of India and received Delhi Durbar Medal 1911.


  • Sardar Bakht Mal, Jagirdar of Dhapali 1754/1757, born 1702, third son of Rama, fourth son of Phul, he and his elder brother left Bhadaur to their eldest brother, and they sought their fortune elsewhere around 1720, he settled at Dhapali and built a crude fort there and made it his residence; married a Mann Jat lady, and had issue. He died 1742/1757.
    • Sardar Man Singh (qv)
  • Sardar MAN SINGH, Jagirdar of Malaudh 1754/1778, born 1723, he captured the Malodh ilaqa from the Maler Kotla Afghans in 1754; married and had issue. He died 1778, when the state was divided between his two sons.
    • Sardar Dalel Singh (qv)
    • Sardar Bhag Singh, Jagirdar of Ber and Chima 1778/1820, married and had issue. He died 1820.
      • Sardar Ranjit Singh, Jagirdar of Ber 1820/1854, born 1787, died 1854.
      • Sardar Hakikat Singh, Jagirdar of Ber 1854/1875 and Jagirdar of Chima 1820/1875, born 1819, he did excellent service in the troubled times of 1857, he was appointed a jagirdar magistrate in 1866, married and had issue. He died 1875.
        • Sardar Balwant Singh, Jagirdar of Ber and Chima 1875/1908, born 1866, a Provincial Darbari, Member of the District Board, an Honorary Magistrate and, at one time, a Civil Judge in his ilaqa; married and had issue, two sons. He died 1908.
          • Sardar Bhagwant Singh, Jagirdar of Ber 1908/1924, born 1884, an Honorary Magistrate; married and had issue, one son. He died 1921/1924.
            • Sardar Harwant Raj Singh, born 1921, educated at Aitchison College, Lahore
          • Sardar Niranjan Singh, Jagirdar of Ber 1924/1927 and Jagirdar of Chima 1908/1927, born 1896, married and had issue, two sons. He died 1927.
  • Sardar DALEL SINGH, Senior Jagirdar of Malaudh and Shaina 1778/1824, he received two-thirds of the estate, including Malodh and Shaina, later adding in 1807, Khiali and Sahur captured from the the Rai of Raikot; he was a religious minded ascetic, which caused some trouble in 1806, when Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore, passing through the country, summoned Sardar Dalel Singh to his presence. On his refusal to come as he was engaged in prayers and devotion, Ranjit Singh was incensed and seized his eldest son Fateh Singh making him carry a heavy load for a long distance releasing him only when the Sardar had paid him Rs. 22,000 as fine; married and had issue. He died 1824.
    • Sardar Fateh Singh, Senior Jagirdar of Ramgarh and Shaina 1824/1849, born 1812, he succeeded to two-thirds of his father's estate as per family custom, which included Ramgarh and Shaina; he did good service during the Sikh wars of 1845-1846, married and had issue. He died 1849/1850.
      • Sardar Hazara Singh, Senior Jagirdar of Ramgarh and Shaina 1849/1854, born 1834, died sp in 1854.
      • Sardar Uttam Singh, Senior Jagirdar of Ramgarh and Shaina 1854/1895, born 1838/1840/1841, he was appointed a jagirdar magistrate in 1861; a Provincial Darbari, taking precedence over three other Darbaris in his family. He died 9th October 1895. He was succeeded as head of the family by Raja Badan Singh and his property was inherited by Raja Badan Singh (receiving two-thirds) and his brother, Sardar Sundar Singh (receiving one-third).
    • Kanwar Sujan Singh, died 1812.
    • Sardar Mith Singh (qv)
  • Sardar MITH SINGH, Junior Jagirdar of Malaudh and Dhapali 1824/1878; born 1817, he succeeded to one-third of his father's estate as per family custom, which included Malodh and Dhapali; he did good service during the Sikh wars of 1845-1846, and personally took part in the battles of Mudki and Firuzshahr, he displayed conspicuous loyalty during the Mutiny in 1857, being ready with money and men to assist the Government, for which he was granted a remission of a year's commutation money, while one-sixteenth of the whole sum was excused in perpetuity, created a jagirdar magistrate in 1866, he was badly wounded in an attack by the rebel Kukas, married and had issue. He died 1878.
    • Raja Badan Singh C.S.I (qv)
    • Sardar Sundar Singh, Jagirdar of Pakhoke, born 1843 (#1) (1853), a Provincial Darbari and Member of the District Board; married and had issue, three sons. He died 1917.
      • Hon. Lt. Sardar Bahadur Sardar Rajendra Singh, Jagirdar of Pakhoke, born 1887, married and had issue. He died 1926.
        • Sardar Joginder Singh, Sardar of Pakhoke, married and had issue.
          • Sardar Narinder Singh, Jagirdar of Pakhoke, born about 1936.
          • Yadvinder Singh
          • Mohinder Singh
        • Liet. Maninder Singh, born 1914, was married had issues with one daughter and two sons :-
          • Kumari Shivinder Kaur, born 1935, was married to Sardar Saranjit Singh Sekhon Of Wadala
          • Yudhister Singh, (b.1947-d.2012)
          • Sikandar Singh Phoolka, was born in 1951, at Ramgarh Sardaran, Ludhiana in 1951, His early schooling was at the village high school,at Ramgarh Sardaran,and then he joined Khalsa College, Patiala, He was married to Sardarni Sukhraj Kaur Sahiba, daughter of Sardar Jagjit Singh Of Thepuria Estate, had issue's with two daughters :-
            • Bibiji Heminder Kaur (b.1977), was married to Sardar Sukirat Singh Kochar Of Kapurthala
            • Bibiji Shivinder Kaur (b.1980), was married to Sardar Karminder Singh Dhaliwal from Chandigarh.
        • Sardar Brijinder Singh Phoolka, married Sardarni Gajinder Kaur, daughter of Rao Digvijay Singh of Kuchesar, and has issue.
          • Bibiji Dr. Jatinder Phoolka
        • Sardar Birendar Singh
      • Kishan Singh, born 1889.
      • Sardar Gurdit SIngh, of Ramgarh Sardaran. b.1896.He d. 1966.having had issue,five sons and one daughter:
        • Sardar Rajeshwar Singh Phoolka.Joined IAS.m. Sardarni Raghubans Kaur, daughter of Virk Sardar, of Ghanauli, from the Singhpuria Misl. He had issue, two sons:
          • Brigadier Sardar Jiti Singh Phoolka. b. 1940. m. Sardarni Sukhjivan Kaur, elder daughter of Sardar Dhillon of Shamgarh. He had issue, two daughters:
            • Roopan Kaur. m. P. Singh Sandhu.
            • Manjoo Kaur Phoolka.
          • Sardar Kanwaljit Singh Phoolka. b.1946. m. Sardarni Gurdip Kaur, daughter of Sardar Pritam Singh Manshahia, from Jind State. He had issue, one son:
            • Kunwar Kanwaldeep Singh Phoolka [K.D. Phoolka]. b. 1972. m. Kunwarani Geetu Kaur, daughter of Sardar Amarjit Singh Mann (Karnal), Rais of Manawala. He has issue, a son:
              • Nyamat Singh Phoolka b 2000
        • Sardar Rameshwar Singh. b. 1921. He d. 1988
        • Sardar Ranbir Singh.
        • Sardar Brijnandan Singh Phoolka. b.1931. m. Sardarni Rachpal Kaur (b. 1939), younger daughter of the Virk Sardar of Ghanauli, from the Singhpuria Misl. He had issue, one son and three daughter:
          • Kunwar Raghunandan Singh Phoolka. b. 1973. m. Kunwarani Puneet Kaur. He has issue, one son and one daughter:
            • Gurnandan Singh Phoolka. b. 2004.
            • Japtesh Kaur Phoolka. b. 2000.
          • Inderpreet Kaur. b. 1961. m. Paramjit Singh Ghuman, sometime Assist Cmsnr Local Bodies. She has issue, one son and two daughters.
          • Kamalpreet Kaur. b. 1963. m. Dr Daljit Singh Utaal, sometime Principal DMC & Hospital, Ludhiana. She has issue, one son.
          • Baljit Kaur Kaur. b. 1967. m. Manmohan Singh. She has issue, one son and one daughter.
        • Sardar Satjit Singh.
  • Raja Badan Singh C.S.I., Senior Chief of Maluadh 1895/1922, born 1840/1843, he received two-thirds share of his father's estate; a Provincial Darbari, his title of Sardar is hereditary, an Honorary Magistrate, a Sub-Registrar at Malodh and a Member of the District Board; he was awarded the C.S.I. in 1903, and the Delhi Durbar Medal in 1911, he exercises criminal and civil powers in Malodh; he was known for his philanthropy, having constructed and endowed a dispensary at Malodh in 1905, contributed to the Khalsa College in Amritsar, expended Rs10,000 in the construction of a road from Kup to Malodh, donated heavily to victims of famines and the Kangra earthquake, contribution towards the cost of a Female Hospital and the Clock Tower at Ludhiana, plus many more examples besides; married and had issue. He died 1922.
    • Sardar Harnam Singh, born 1864, died 1895.
    • Kanwar Mahtab Singh, born 1865, died 1879.
    • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur Sahiba, married Sardar Tara Singh of Manauli, and had issue Sardar Bahadur Sardar Dal Singh O.B.E. (qv)
  • Sardar Bahadur Sardar DAL SINGH O.B.E., Senior Chief of Maluadh 1922/-; born 1867, a Provincial Darbari and an Honorary Magistrate with 1st Class juducial powers within the area comprising the jagirs of Malodh, Ber and Pakhoke; he was granted the title of Sardar Bahadur in 1911; he was awarded the O.B.E. in 1920; married and had issue, one son.
    • Sardar Sant Singh, born 1885, an Honorary Magistrate and a Sub-Registrar; married and had issue. He died 1931.
      • Tikka Amarsarjit Singh (qv)
    • ?Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, married Sardar Bahadur Sardar Fateh Singh of Malwai, born 1893, and had issue.
  • Sardar AMARSARJIT SINGH, Senior Chief of Malaudh, born 1917, married and had issue.
    • Sardar Kuleep Singh, born 1938.
    • Sardar Colonel Amardaljit Singh(see below)
  • Sardar Colonel AMARDALJIT SINGH, Senior Chief of Malaudh, born 1944, married and had issue with one daughter and son :-
    • Dr. Bibiji Ratinder Kaur Sahiba, born 1976, was married to Dr. Sardar Lokesh Singh from Lucknow.
    • Ajit Singh Phulka
  • Sardar Ajit Singh Phulka, senior Chief of Malaudh, born 1980, was married had issue :-
    • Sumaira Singh
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