Mann Sandwal




Majithia (Junior) (1820- 1860s), Mann Sandwal (1860s- 1947)

Hindi Name

मजीठिया (जूनियर)

Time Period

1820 – 1947


  • Sardar Mana Singh, Head of the Majithia (Junior), was married had issue's with three sons, He died in 1848 :-
    • Dasaunda Singh
    • Jajji Singh
    • Amar Singh
  • Sardar Amar Singh, Head of the Majithia (Junior), was married had issues with five sons :-
    • General Mehtab Singh
    • Gurdit Singh (d.1853)
    • Mit Singh (d.1857), was married had issues with three sons :-
      • Bachittar Singh (d.1858)
      • Bijja Singh (b.1844- d.1930)
      • Bishan Singh (b.1856)
    • Kahan Singh, (b.1826- d.1888), was married had issues with two sons :-
      • Pritam Singh
      • Pargat Singh
    • Hardit Singh (b.1836- d.1882), was married had issues with two sons :-
      • Partap Singh (b.1856)
      • Bhup Singh (b.1868), was married had issue with one son :-
        • Kirpal Singh (b.1898)
  • General Sardar Mehtab Singh, Head of the Majithia (Junior), was born in 1811, served the Lahore empire, at a young age. He distinguished his service under his father Amar Singh, against the Afghans in the Peshawar campaign in1834. He was promoted to a general, under Maharaja Sher Singh in 1841, and was put in charge of Peshawar, was married to daughter of Bhatti Jat Jagirdar Sardar Bakhshish Singh Sandhawalia Of Raja Sansi.
  • Sardar Bijja Singh, Jagirdar of Mann Sandwal, was born in 1844,served in the British Army. Having acquired wealth from his ancestors' Jagirs, he mostly lived a lavish life, but squandered much of his wealth. One of his marriages was to Sardarni Attar Kaur, daughter of General Kahan Singh Mann, of Multan fame. She was the proud daughter of the general, and would not put up with the decadence of SardarBijja Singh. She left Majitha and moved back to her father's estate, early in the marriage, with her son and daughter. This branch of the family remained in the village of Mann Sandwal, located about 14 kilometres northeast of Majitha. General Kahan Singh Mann was originally from the village of Sarhala Kalan, in Hoshiarpur District, and established the village of Mann Sandwal.from the Jagir he received for his services by Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore, was married to Sardarni Attar Kaur , daughter of Mann Jat Jagirdar General Sardar Kahan Singh Mann Of Multan fame, had issues with five sons with one daughter, He died in 1930 :-
    • Sant Singh (d.1870)
    • Sahib Singh (d.1892)
    • Prag Singh (b.1874-d.1934)
    • Bibiji Anoop Kaur
    • Gopal Singh
    • Harnam Singh (b.1877)
  • Sardar Prag Singh, Jagirdar of Mann Sandwal was born in 1874, was married, had issue's wuth three sons and two daughters , He died in 1934 :-
    • Bibiji Hardial Kaur
    • Arjan Singh (b.1899-d.1987)
    • Jogendra Singh
    • Bibiji Rajinder Kaur
    • General Rajinder Singh , also know as "General Rajinder Singh Sparrow" was born in 1911, was a graduate of Khalsa College Amritsar, and earned fame for his valour in the Indo-Pak Wars of 1948 and 1965. He received the 'Mahan Vir Chakra Award' twice for his gallant services, and later joined state politics, after the war, capitalizing on his "war hero" status. Politically, he was opportunistic, by switching between the Congress and Akali Dal parties, and also ran as an independent candidate, serving mostly as an MP. He was an apologizer for Indira Gandhi's military attack on the Darbar Sahib in June 1984. Later, ) he was shunned by many in the broader Sikh community, in his later years, was married had issues with two sons :-
      • Liet. General M.S Shergill
      • Liet. General T.S. Shergill
  • Sardar Arjan Singh, Jagirdar of Mann Sandwal, was born in 1899, was lived the typical life of a Jagirdar; hunting, enjoying music, dancing, eating well and drinking excessively. had issue's with two sons and three daughter's :-
    • Bibiji Kunwal Lochan Kaur, was married to Sardar Gurdial Singh Aulakh
    • Bakshish Singh (b.1918-d.1973)
    • Birendra Singh
    • Bibiji Daljit Kaur , was married to Sardar Kirpal Singh Pannu
    • Bibiji Balraj Kaur , was married to Sardar Kartar Singh Uppal
  • Sardar Bakshish Singh, Jagirdar of Mann Sandwal, was born in 1918,was married twice first with Sardarni Swarn Kaur second with Sardarni Gurbaksh Kaur (1927-d.2004), of Sarhali Kalan , He died in 1973:-
    • Sukhjinder Singh Shergill (s/o SardarniSwarn Kaur)
    • Ravinder Singh Shergill (b.1956) (S/o Sardarni Gurbaksh Kaur)
    • Bibiji Harinder Kaur, (d/o Sardarni Gurbaksh Kaur) married to Sardar Shivinderjit Singh Sidhu
    • Gurpreet Singh (S/o Sardarni Gurbaksh Kaur), was married had issues with one daughter and son :-
      • Bibiji Amreet Kaur
      • Ronjote Singh
  • Sardar Ravinder Singh Shergill, Jagirdar of Mann Sandwal, was born in 1956, was graduated from the University Of California, Berkeley, An Engineering Director by Profesion in the Silicon Valley , USA, in 2000 he was married to Mrs.Grace Rosa, had issue's with two daughters and one son :-
    • Bibiji Simran Kaur Murphy
    • Bibiji Kiran Kaur McMillan
    • Keven Singh Shergill
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