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1763 – 1947


When the Sikh invasion took place in 1763, Desu Singh, Randhawa, Jat of Lalpur, near Taran Taran, took possession of Mustafabad and some neighbouring villages now in the Jagadhri Tahsil and of Dera and Tandwala in Ambala. He was killed at the battle of Chandausi in 1775, and was succeeded by his nephew Mahtab Singh, who obtained posses- sion of the whole estate. His eldest son Jodh Singh, who followed him, was slain in 1796 at Biana, fighting against the Mahratas. One of Mahtab Singh’s widows, Masamat Gauran, then managed to secure possession.Her claim was disputed by Jodh Singh’s younger brother Ratan Singh, who wrested Dera and Tandwala from her.

He appears to have surrendered these villages as the price of protection to Sardar Bhanga Singh, the powerful Chief of Thanesar, who gave him Talheri in exchange. On the death of Masamat Gauran, in 1833, the whole estate was made over to Ratan Singh, whose grandson Tilok Singh and great- grandson Naina Singh are now in possession. Naina Singh is a minor under the Court of Wards. Tilok Singh was formerly a member of the District Committee. During the Mutiny the Sardars of Mustafabad maintained a small number of horse and footmen for police service at Jagadhri. One year’s commutation money was remitted as a reward for their services.

The jagir consisted of eight villages, of which seven were in the Jagadhri Tahsil and one in Ambala. The jagir revenue of these estates were Rs. 4.679, on which the jagirdars paid a service commutation charge of two annas in the rupee.


  • Dana, d. 1771,married and had issue.
    • Sardar Desu Singh(see below)
    • Makki, d. 1777,married and had issue
      • Sardar Mahtab Singh(see below)
  • Sardar Desu Singh, jagirdar of Mustafabad, d. 1775, married and had issue.
  • Sardar Mahtab Singh, jagirdar of Mustafabad ,d. 1796, married several times including Masamat Gauran and had issue.
    • Sardar Jodh Singh, d. 1796
    • Sardar Ratan Singh.(see below)
  • Sardar Ratan Singh, jagirdar of Mustafabad, d. 1842, married and had issue.
    • Sardar Dawa Singh(see below)
    • Sardar Gursaran Singh.
  • Sardar Dawa Singh, jagirdar of Mustafabad , d. 1862. married and had issue.
    • Sardar Tilok Singh(see below)
    • Sundar Singh, d. 1880,married and had issue.
      • Narain Singh, b. 1880.
    • Kahan Singh, d. 1871.
  • Sardar Trilok Singh , Jagirdar Of Mustafabad,was married had issues with two son's-
    • Jawahar Singh (1878-1947)
    • Naina Singh (d.1893)
  • Sardar Sir Jawahar Singh , Jagirdar Of Mustafabad, was born in 1878, his Jagir consisted of eight villages , of which seven were in the Jagadhri , and one in Ambala, The Revenue from these villages yielded over Rs. 5000/- also he received "Sir" Title from Britishers, was married had issues with two son's , He was died in 1947.
    • Kunwar Vijay Singh (b.1942)
    • Bibiji Dhanraj Kaur Sahiba
  • Kunwar Vijay Singh,Jagirdar Of Mustafabad, was born in Mustafabad in 1942 , ane studied at Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, he was married twice first with Kunwarrani Jagjit Kaur Sahiba (d.2006) , and second with Kunwarrani Harjit Kaur Sahiba , Daughter of Sardar Onkar Singh Dhillon Of Tangaur , had issues with three son's-
    • Kunwar Jagdeep Singh (son of Kunwarrani Jagjit Kaur Sahiba) , born in 1969.
    • Kunwar Gagan deep Singh , (son of Kunwarrani Harjit Kaur Sahiba) , born in 1973.
    • Kunwar Navdeep Singh (son of Kunwarrani Harjit Kaur Sahiba) , born in 1980.
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