Hindi Name


Time Period

early 18th century to 1947


The first Jagirdar was Thakur Kunwarpal Singh traced his ancestry to the great Chhanghaji, who had killed a tiger with his bare hands. His son Jitendrapal fought at the Battle of Sikri. His sons and grandsons achieved fame and some were made Mansabdars by the Mughals. We fought the Punjab rebels during the reign of Bahadur Shah I. In Farrukhsiyar’s reign we thwarted the Sayyids of Bara and harassed Nadir Shah on his way back from Delhi. We fought against Hafiz Rehmat Khan at the Battle of Mirankatra (April 23, 1774) and helped in the capture of his grandson, Ghulam Qadir Rohilla after he had blinded Shah Alam. During the ‘Mutiny’ we fought shoulder-to-shoulder with the troops of Bahadur Shah Zafar. My father left the British forces in World War II and joined the INA and as a result the family lost most of thjagir and what was left to us was consolidated by Thakur Surendrapal Singh

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